Synchronizing Outlook With Android

synchronizing outlook with androidNowadays android is been the best operating system for smartphones. There are over thousands of applications in android market which have made our easier and simple. Well, here in this post we are going to give you a review on an android application which is very useful in synchronizing outlook with android. You can now sync your outlook local database, Gmail, Gmail contacts and calendar by just installing this VCorganizer app for android.

Google itself have their own apps which do the same work of synchronizing outlook with android but using this android application will make your work easier and simple. You won’t be feeling any difficulties in using this android application. You can buy this application from Google play store for RS-1,342.40 INR and $24.82 US dollar. By just paying this amount you can have this awesome application to your smartphone. As I have already told you that this android application is really easy to use because of its easy and simple interface where you can easily synchronize outlook with your android smartphone or tablet. There are many other features which are added to this application. Let’s take a closer on how you can easily synchronize outlook with your android smartphone or tablet.

Interface– well, as I have mentioned above that you can easily sync your outlook local database with your android smartphone with the help of this awesome android application. When you open this application on your smartphone you will see that there are several options with which you can work easily. You just have install VC organizer app to your smartphone and one on your pc know as VC organizer sync centre which can be downloaded from this link after installing sync centre just click on the option WIFI and then go to your VC organizer application on your android device. Just select the sync button and then you will see that it will start synchronizing the data from your outlook database in few seconds.

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There are various other options too which you can use on your smartphone to use you Google services which makes it simple and easier. Here is a closer look on those options.

Notes– you can take notes on your current working.

Tasks– in this option you can know about the task you have done by sync you data from your outlook.

Contacts– here you can see your respective Gmail contacts which you synchronized from your outlook to your android smartphone or tablet.

Calendar– here you can see the Gmail calendar and your reminders.

Categories– here you can see different categories where you can perform different task of outlook from your android smartphone.

These were some of the important points on this awesome android application where you can perform a synchronization of your outlook local database from your android smartphone or tablet. Well, I would say that even there are many Google apps present in the market to do this task but using this app makes your easier and simple.


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