How to Remote Control a PC with Android

Remote Control Your PC with AndroidIf you ever wanted to remotely control your PC with your Android phone, then here is great news for you. Now, you have the luxury of writing articles and equally tuning to your favorite phone whenever you want. You just need to be in the range of Wi-Fi connection as it hardly matters whether you are near your personal computer or not. Hence, you can effectively control your computer from any part of your prized house.

Methods For Controlling Your PC by using an Android device:-

The things which you need are:-

  • GMote App which can be downloaded from Google Play
  • GMote Server
  • A Wi-Fi router

Post downloading GMote app from Google Play, you have to download GMote Server on your prized computer.

install GmoteInstalling and configuring GMote Server:

It is quite easy to install GMote server and an installation wizard will appear

As you click on the word “next”, you will get a message which will take your permission to allow/unblock any Firewall blockages. Hence, click Ok.

Now, you will get the stage where you have to choose a server password and it is up to you whether to avail this option or not.

Hence, you will be at the stage where you will choose the location for your media files such as movies, songs etc. It is done, so that it becomes easy for you in choosing media files.

Finally, installation wizard will end and GMote will be effectively installed in your PC. Go to the screen of your phone where you get the option of installing GMote server and click on “I have installed the server, Start GMote” button.

install GmoteAs you open GMote app, you will then be directed to choose computer server. If in case you are not able to see it, then go for the option, “I don’t see my server or I want to enter my IP manually”.

If in case you have set a password, you have to enter it.

The method to use GMote

As you have followed the aforesaid procedure, you have armed yourself towards learning the way of controlling your PC. GMote comes in two types of screen namely

  1. Touchpad screen
  2. Media screen

Thanks to Menu option, you can effectively and easily switch between them as well.

Touchpad Screen

Gmote touchpad screenIt is a GMote touchpad screen. The cursor is going to move, the moment you happen to slide your finger over it. Apart from that, as you use keyboard option which is there on top-right corner of the screen, you can easily and effectively write as well.

Media Screen

GMote media screenIt is a GMote media screen. This is the place where you can play videos and songs on your esteemed computer by browsing and selecting the media files. If you want to change the settings of the app, then you can do the same by tapping on settings on Menu list.

GMote offers enriching experience for people who want to ease like never before. Now, you can easily remote control your computer with the assistance of this app through Android phone. Great, isn’t it?

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