The Best Android Apps for Home Security

best android apps for home securityIf you’re an android user, you’ll be happy to know that there are several android apps that will allow you to create a tighter reign of security on your home. You’ll be pleased with all that these apps have to offer you to help you keep your family and your home safe. Being able to have full control of your home even when you are not there is a huge benefit.

My Guard

This app will allow you to turn your phone into an alarm system that will help you provide protection to your home and property from those that my try to enter from a breach. It will help protect you against burglars, thieves or just unwanted guests.

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NetiChome Mobile

This android app will allow you to manage your NetiChome smart home from anywhere. You’ll be able to turn off and turn on lights. Even door and window sensors can be set with this app. You may even choose to raise or lower your thermostat before you arrive home so that your home is a comfy temperature when you arrive; this app will make it easy for you to do that.

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SimpliSafe Home Security App

If you have SimpliSafe Home Security system in your home, this app will allow you to control your system from anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to arm or disarm the system whenever you choose no matter where you are located.

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MB Remote Control

You will be able to remote control your entire system with MB. You can arm as well as disarm and this system will allow you to quickly trigger even the most complex actions.

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Vantage Home Automation

Using this app will allow you to control multiple homes or businesses. You’ll be able to control scenes as well as control lighting and thermostats. Should you choose to turn on the lights before arriving home, this app will make sure that you have all of the light you need to safely get indoors.

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Smartenit Zigbee INSTEON X10

Having this app will provide you with the means to control and monitor anything from any place at any time. You will not only be able to control your thermostats and your lighting as well as your security system and even your irrigation system.

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BHN Home Security

This is a new home security system that offers an android app that will allow anyone who uses the system to be able to access their home security system to control not only their security system but to also help them control their energy system in their home. You can access your control system from anywhere.

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You will find that you can have the use of android apps free on your phone when you purchase their security system. They are a great way to make sure that no matter where you are and what you are doing your home is constantly under your own control.

Having the security system that you need can provide you with all of the peace of mind and comfort that you need. You’ll also love the convenience.

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