5 Best Car Apps for Windows Phone

best car appsWelcome back to TechBusket. Are you eyeing to save on gas or looking for new set of wheels? If yes is your answer, then the following article is going to arm you with the 5 best car apps as they will be able to assist you in the greatest possible way as well.

5 Best Car Apps For Windows Phone

Gas Buddy

It is indeed one of the highly sophisticated and useful applications which indeed work wonders for you towards easing yourself to the core. It is able to help you towards getting better price on gas. The best thing is that you can get this car app totally free. Yes, you heard it right as you do not have to spend even a single penny as well. The price of gas is increasing on daily basis and hence, you do not have much of an option but to save as much as you can. Hence, as you use the GasBuddy, you will be able to find nearby stations which charge you the lowest.


If you are shopping for a used car, then KBB.com is indeed the best option for you. You can get it for free. Thereby, if you are looking to negotiate or find the best outlet, you will be able to get the best form of help. It gives you the luxury of cars according to the model, features, make, year, along with the suggested value. Hence, in this way you can equally adjust as it is based on the condition and mileage of the vehicle along with the type of seller.


If you are shopping for a new car, then this app indeed offers the best value. Besides being totally free, it arms you with the review and data which work wonders towards researching a car. You are eased a lot as you get map which arms you with the knowledge of dealership so that you are able to get the model which you want. Thanks to this car app, you are able to get in touch with a highly experienced car salesman who is able to assist you in a highly sophisticated way by letting you know with the average selling price for that model in your area.


RepairPal work wonders towards keeping your car in the best of shape. This car app works best in recording the repair history of your car along with scheduling your next date of maintenance. You do not have to shell even a single penny in the process of getting this app as well.


iWrecked is highly useful for the safety point of view. It helps towards coping up with a car accident. You can get it for free and in the event of meeting with an accident, the app work wonders towards guiding you trough the details by which you need to take note on timely basis along with keeping a watch on the driver’s insurance information etc. Similarly, you can ease yourself by clicking snaps of the damage with your phone’s camera and subsequently sending the accident report in the form of a PDF.

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