Usenext: The High Speed Downloading Software

High Speed Downloading SoftwareUsenext is the next gen high speed downloading software and community. It is being used by thousands for people worldwide and it is no doubt the best available download tool for download freaks. It is a paid community which is pretty unique and one of its type. You can get Usenet access by subscribing to their paid membership. It’s pretty reasonable and a 14 day trial is also being offered by them which include data usage of up to 300 GB!

The technology has received pretty good reviews from users all over the world. People are liking and giving preference to Usenext more over the other download channels. The working method and technology is totally different than that of torrent and peer to peer connections. In peer to peer connections, we download stuff from hard drive of other people whereas all the data is saved online on worldwide distributed servers and you can download it directly.

Usenext is actually as software which you install in your computer and get a membership. Then on you can access the newsgroups and community on the software. It offers terabytes of content with massive Usenet download speeds which will surely drive you crazy. We used this technology and found it to be simply wow and worth a try.

High Speed Downloading SoftwareThe Usenext Software

The Usenext software is pretty easy to install and use. It comes packed with various features too! It has an inbuilt chat for discussing about various topics with other users. The user interface of the software is pretty easy to use and you’ll get used to it within a matter of few minutes.

There is merely a main window with categories on left hand side. You can surf the categories and the files under the category. These files are downloadable with just one click. Usenext also gives you the option to search for files using keywords.

The Speed

Usenext is freaking good as download software and offers full bandwidth. You’ll get downloading speed of up to 200 mbps while using this software and not just this; you can download 30 files parallel to each other. The speed received has really outraged every other download software and Usenext is highly recommended for those who love speed.


Usenext is a totally secure platform which uses 256 bit of SSL encryption for receiving payments and other functions online. The community is totally free from advertisement and spyware which is something good as there is nothing that really annoys you while using usenext.

Customer Support

Usenext provides customer support via 24 hour hotline, email and ticket system. You can simply call them whenever you’re facing any issues and general issues are resolved within a matter of few hours.


Usenext and its services are a sheer value for money! You’ll be amazed with the services that you’ll get that too for such a reasonable subscription fee. If you’re a heavy downloader than you would surely not mind paying a few extra bucks for downloading large files at dedicated speed. Go for it!

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