How to Create Metro Apps Shortcut in Windows 8?

Since every one of us is aware about the charismatic successor of Windows 7 i.e. Windows 8 which has already attracted millions of users around the world. The most prominent reason behind the success of Windows 8 is its excellent User Interface. If we compare the UI of Windows 8 and its predecessor, we find complete contrast among both the Operating systems. Windows 7 features classic old-fashioned UI while Windows 8 features an attractive Metro UI which enriches the experience of both desktop and tablet users. Additionally, Metro Style User Interface also comes with Metro Apps which are exciting, insightful and improve user experience.

Metro Apps entered into the market as Windows 8 Developer Preview launched but as soon as Consumer preview of Windows 8 launched, it initiated development of lots of Metro Apps and till today’s date, we have lot of those Metro Apps available like Multimedia 8, Free Books, Chat Mail, etc. By default, Windows 8 comes along with Music, Messaging, Calendar and several other types of apps. Well, the problem is that each time we need to access these Metro Apps, we need to switch to Metro Wall which is pretty counterproductive to repeatedly keep switching between the Metro UI screen and desktop in order to access the Metro Apps.

Not anymore, since we have one tweak which enables users to create shortcuts for each Metro application that they wish to access quickly right away from the desktop. Similar to other app and program shortcuts, we can now also access the Metro Apps right away from desktop which enables users to navigate through various apps with ease.

How to Create Metro Apps Shortcut in Windows 8?

  • Right click on your Windows 8 desktop and navigate to New > Shortcut.
  • Create Shortcut Dialog box will appear. In the location field, paste the code given below –

%windir%explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}

Create Metro Apps Shortcut in Windows 8

  • Click on Next and then, you’ll be asked to give a shortcut name. You can give the name as ‘Metro Apps’.
  • After this, you will be seeing a Shortcut icon on your desktop named as ‘Metro Apps’.
  • Double click on the Shortcut icon and then a list of applications would display on your screen.

Create Metro Apps Shortcut in Windows 8So, that’s it! You now have a Metro Apps shortcut right on your Desktop enabling you to access Windows 8 metro-style apps from your desktop.

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