SMS Backup and Restore Apps

SMS Backup and Restore AppsNowadays android applications are the best apps for smartphone. There are thousands of apps present in android market. And here in this post we are going to give a review on SMS backup and restore android application. It has been seen that most of the individuals wants to get a backup for their SMS but as there are many SMS backup android applications present in the market so, it’s hard to choose which one is the best.

Well, after a long research we have found out an application which is very useful for getting a SMS backup i.e. SMS backup and restore app. This android application allows you to back up your SMS after that you can restore them too. The best thing about this application is that this android application is absolutely free and you can easily download it from Google play store. So, you won’t have to pay anything for this application. There are many other features that we are going to talk about so, here is a closer look to this awesome android SMS backup application.


As I mentioned that this android application allows you to back up and restore your SMS. Talking about interface, this android application has a simple and easy to use interface with which you can easily take a backup of your SMS and then you can easily restore them. Furthermore this android application also allows you to keep the backup permanently. If you compare this android application with other android apps then you can easily find the difference as this app has a great and easy to use interface where you won’t find any difficulties to use it.

Easy Backup

as I said it’s very simple to get a backup of your SMS from this android application. You just have to download the respective application form the Google play store. Now install it to your given android device. And now open it you will see some options like backup. Restore, view, search, delete backups and delete messages. You just have to select the backup button and then it shows you to name the backup file and hit save. You will see that it will start the backup and complete it in few seconds. I would suggest that this is the best android application for talking backups of your respective android device SMS. Simple and great.


As I have told you about the process of getting a backup of your SMS. Let’s talk about how to restore them, if you want to restore your SMS then just hit the restore button and you will come to see that it restores all your SMS back to your device. This is the best way to get your SMS back to your device.

So, here were some of the important points on this awesome android application where you can easily take backups for your SMS and can easily restore them too. If you have accidentally deleted your SMS from your android device then this is the best way you can be at a safer side.

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