Fluent English Android App

Fluent English Android AppI have seen many of the individuals who are having problems with their English speaking skills. To give improvisation on their English speaking skills they use to join many English speaking institutes to learn English but what if you get an android application to learn English on your smartphone or tablet. Well, this is now possible by just downloading an android application from Google play store to your android smartphone device i.e. fluent English android application.

Fluent English android application allows you to learn English in a different way. It provides you a simple interface where you can read and listen to audio books with an additional feature of understanding the vocals with the help of dictionary which is provided in your native language. This android application is really awesome as it provides you with the best audio books and lets you know about that how you can easily get command at your English speaking skills. Well, there are many other features which are added to this android application. So, here is a closer look to this awesome android application where you can improvise and learn English easily and in a simple way. So, here are some following points.

Reading skills

You can easily improve at your reading skills with this android application. just you need to download an audio book online from this app. And then you are ready to go. You can easily listen to these audio books and make yourself understand the topic or the story which is given in the audio book. With listening to audio books you can also read with it. It will surely help you in improving your reading skills. Giving improvisation at your reading skills can make you a good speaker and a reader. So, I would suggest to use this application for improving your reading skills.


You get a dictionary with this android application which will make you understand tough words with full descriptive meaning and their use. The best thing about this dictionary is that you can get your dictionary in your native language so; you won’t be having any problem in understanding the meaning of a word. You can also search for online keywords with the help of online dictionary option given in the app. You can also find idioms by just marking the phrase and the word if it seems to you that it can be an idiom.


The interface is pretty simple and smart. You won’t have learn a tutorial for it you can easily use this android application. What you have to do is just have a GPRS connection to download audio books and for online dictionary if you want. You will be charged for downloading audio books. And this android application is absolutely free at Google play stores so, you won’t have to pay anything for this android application.

So, here were some of the important points on this awesome android application. I would say that this android application is the best way to improve your English speaking skills.

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