Tips And Ideas for Tech Personalization

tech personalizationPersonalizing your daily used gadgets can be a great way to express yourself, gadgets such as your laptops, desktops, phones and MP3 / MP4 players are often the first choice when it comes to personalizing. With so many options out in there, both in retail stores, and online, it’s important to think about what image you want to present to anyone that may look at your gadget. Here are a few ideas on how to effectively personalize:

Phones and Media Devices (MP3’s and MP4’s)

Customizing your own personal device, which you will likely have on your person most days, is a great idea to give out a message to new people you meet on what interests you! Here are a couple of ideas that you may want to think about:

  • Covers – Purchasing one of these will allow you to change the colour, look and design of your device, there are many options out there, enabling you to choose the image you want to emit easily. Covers are easy to put onto your phone or media device, and are the most likely to draw attention and stand out the most from other devices of the same make, not to mention, many also provide protection from being dropped or getting wet.
  • Bling – No, not like rap gangster bling, I don’t expect to see many phones going around with a huge dollar sign made out of gold and diamonds hanging around their necks, however, following that idea, there are plenty of options. Many devices now will actually be manufactured with a hook or hole in the side that will enable to owner to easily attach beads, symbolic items or talismans to their devices.

Laptops And Computers

Whilst customizing your computer device is not as common as customizing one’s media device or phone, it is still able to make a large impact on how others will see you, and give them an image of the kind of person you are. Remember this next time you are in Starbucks writing your homework or work!

  • Lights – Lights can be an amazing addition to any computing device, whilst it’s not common to buy lights separately, it is relatively common to purchase a mouse or keyboard (or even a case or monitor) that has lights embedded. Whether you are into gaming, socialising online, musical engineering or just use the computer for home or office use, lights can give the right ambient feel, and also provide a good portrait of what you are into!
  • Cases – Cases are the components that cover the fragile parts of the computer, whilst you are unable to easily change the casing of a laptop, it is very much possible to do it with a desktop computer. Purchasing a case for your desktop will offer a huge amount of customization (as long as your casing is visible!), and you can get some really awesome looking cases nowadays for a decent price (looking at around $100-$200).

When purchasing your desired items, it’s important to know what is going to last, and what isn’t. Make sure to buy from a recognized store, or manufacturer. Whilst prices can be high when purchasing named brands, try to find decent sales, such as the¬†AccessoryGeeks sale which houses incredible discounts. Worst case, you’ll have a few new ideas on what to look our for!

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