How to Open Blocked Websites in Schools And Offices

open blocked websitesHow to open blocked websites in school Or Office? This is most asked question in Yahoo answers and some more Q&A groups. You are also finding answer for that question? We hope this post is a good solution for you.

Why websites will be blocked in office, schools?

In office’s employees can’t concentrate on work if Facebook or any other social networking site available. In the same way, in collages also students can’t concentrate on study if Facebook access is available on their lab computers. That’s why so many network administrators block Facebook related networking sites in office’s, collages and schools. Users unable to open Facebook if its blocked by administrator. Mostly so many network administrators block Facebook mainly.

What you’ll see if you opened a blocked a website?

Are you getting this massage on your browser screen when opened a website? “Access to this website has been blocked by network administrator’ It means that website is blocked and unable to open.

How to open blocked websites?

You can’t live without Facebook? Do you think Facebook is important then your work and study? Ok well here is a solution for your problem. You can access any blocked website with using a proxy website. It’s very easy.

Please remember not only Facebook¸ you can browse any blocked website in proxy.

How to use a proxy?

It’s not much hard, No need to install any toolbars or softwares, just go to any of below proxy website.  Next enter URL of a blocked website which you want to open, Just press enter to access it. That proxy server automatically open that blocked website.

Top 5 Proxy Servers:

Hide MY Ass –

K proxy –

Anony Mizer –

Ultra Reach –

Let me by –

Things to remember when using proxy websites:

  • Proxy websites are third party systems
  • If it’s possible try to change your password in normal computer after used proxy.
  • Clear your browser cookies and cache after used proxy
  • Don’t use unsafe proxies which try to steal your personal data, use above listed top 5 safe and trusted proxies only.
  • This is my personal advice. Use proxies only if you have any urgent work on a blocked site, mostly try to use proxies.

What is proxy?

After knowing the use of proxy server, So many people get a doubt that how a proxy works. Proxies will hide your personal information (IP address) and helps you to browse any page as you want. Network administrator block your IP for few sites like Facebook, you can hide your IP and browse those blocked websites by using a proxy server. Proxies have good use and the same way some risks also involved in proxies. To avoid risks don’t us unsafe proxies, Use Above listed trusted proxies only and also try to follow above mentioned tips.

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