Top 5 Free Android Live Wallpapers Of Super Heros

Top 5 android live wallpapersLive wallpapers are one of the amazing feature of Google’s android mobile operating system, but badly so many android users don’t know about live wallpapers. Anyway today I’m here to let you know about top 5 free android live wallpapers of your favorite super hero’s. Live wallpapers looks beautiful and give attraction for your mobile, so choose your favorite super hero wallpaper from below list.

How to set live wallpapers?

Android Firmware version 2.1 or higher versions only support live wallpapers, so please check your firmware version before downloading any wallpaper. (Go to settings, and find about phone option to check which version of android OS is running on your device) You can download your favorite live wallpaper using below “Download” links via Google play.

Follow these steps to set live wallpaper:  In your device go to Menu -> Settings -> Display -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers, here you can set your wallpaper as you want.

1. The Amazing Spiderman 3D Live Wallpaper

Spider man is very famous super hero among this world, now you can see your favorite spider man 24 hours on your android phone as live wallpaper with attracting 3d effects. You can him on different expressions when you got massage or call. This is official release by Marvel Company.  Just go to below link and click on “Install” button, that’s it.


2. The Avengers Live Wallpaper

Here is avenger’s official live wallpaper for your android mobile phone; this wallpaper is having hulk, Iron man and other famous super heroes in it. This LWP have some nice effects, one of the example is: “Your screen will cracks when you received a text massage or voice call”. Effects are your choice, you can enable or disable this crack effect as you want.


3. Captain America Live Wallpaper

Now let’s talk about captain America, he is also a famous figure. Captain America live wallpaper is made by Marvel Company. You can check screenshots of this live wallpaper below.  Already I am using this live wall on my Samsung galaxy Y mobile, working fine for me without getting any problems.


4. Bat Man Rain Live Wallpaper

Now it’s time to talk about bat man, he was also very powerful hero and has lot of diehard fans. In this live wall paper you can see bat man in rain with dark background.  Also has dark knight live wallpaper on Google Play!! You can download it from below link.


5. Super Hero Collection Live wallpaper

This wallpaper is something special and alternative for avengers, you can see all avenger super heroes in this beautiful live wallpaper. You can change pictures of super hero’s by sliding it. It’s have another effect called as rain bow bubbles, its make the live wallpaper more attractive and cool. This is last wall paper in this list; sure we will update this list very often if getting good response from your side. Example: Avengers: Iron Man; Captain America; Hulk; Thor.


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