How to Customize a Theme in Windows 8 [Easy Process]

Windows-8-theme-customizeWindows 8 is a latest release by Micro soft, it’s has lot of craze on fans. However now coming to the point, few people like to create their own theme. It’s a bit hard to create a customized theme in windows 7 & XP but now Microsoft makes it very easy. In windows 8 Operating system you can create your own customized theme very quickly without using any third party software’s.

Windows 8 having a default function called as “Personalization” to customize your whole theme.

What you can customize in Windows 8?

  • Desktop Background
  • Customizing Default Sounds
  • Desktop Icons
  • Screensaver Display
  • Mouse Pointers
  • Window bar
  • Taskbar
  • Start menu

1. Customizing Desktop Background:  Now coming back to the tutorial, just right click on empty place of your desktop, you’ll see right click menu, in that select “Personalization” Option.

In that click on “Desktop Background” (You can see it on bottom of the personalization window), after that select your own wallpaper as you want. You can use multiple wallpapers also, to set wallpaper change frequency just use” Change Picture Every” Box. Once you finished your customizations just click on “Save Changes” button.

 2. Changing Default Sounds:  To customize this you need some cool sounds collection. Go to Personalization function, next click on “Sounds” Option. Now in this sounds option, you can configure your theme sounds as you want.

3. Desktop Icons: In the same way you can find “Change Desktop Icons” option (at top left corner of the window). There you can change your icons of your desktop shortcuts, but I prefer you to leave this option default because default icons were good then custom collection.

4. Screensaver: Use same way to personalize your screen saver display settings. (So many people don’t use screen savers, because screen savers maybe create any issues)

5. Change Mouse pointers: In personalization, you can see an option to change your mouse pointers called as “Change Mouse Pointers”. Windows 8 has huge collection of mouse pointers to choose; otherwise you can download custom pointers from web. Click on OK to done your changes.

Final modifications:

You can change / customize Window bar, Taskbar and Start menu with same process. Once you done all your customizations in “Personalization”, then just go to “my themes” folder and find the theme which you made your customizations. Right click on that theme, Choose “Save Theme for Sharing” to store it. You can name it as you want and you can use it anytime as you want if you have that theme file. It will be saved in .deskthemepack format.

Recently I customize a theme in Windows 8 successfully using this simple process; I shared my theme with my friends those who using windows 8 and got good complements from them. Now it’s your turn…

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