Understanding How Hackers Use Tech To Harm You or Your Business

With all the amazing things that technology brings to the table as far as improvements in life go, there are still ways that hackers can use technology to bring you or your business to a dangerous place. That’s why no matter how secure you feel in your online and technological behaviors, you should always be prepared to defend yourself against common hacking attacks.Hackers Use Tech To Harm You or Your BusinessHackers Use Tech To Harm You or Your Business

And these attacks come in various forms and with multiple functions. There are DNS attacks that tried to find weaknesses in your online web server’s names. Hackers can get a hold of passwords and login information and cause terrible issues with you. If enough information on you is put together, smart hackers can steal your identity. And unfortunately, some people use technology for nefarious means to try to exploit weaknesses in your online security and privacy.

DNS Attacks

If you’ve ever been the victim of a domain name server attack, then you know how ugly they can get. Hackers are always trying to use the latest technology to find out how to insert malicious code into your website. Sometimes this code is to benefit them by getting additional information from you or your clients potentially. Other times it’s a way for them to steal advertising income or attention that would otherwise be a part of your business model.

Getting Passwords and Logins

If you don’t use password best practices, then you’re asking for trouble. Using the latest technology, hackers can try all sorts of different password combinations that are common when they’re trying to log in somewhere as you. If you use an easily predictable password, then it’s no surprise that if someone tries to log into the website as you, they will be successful. Especially if this is a business or financial webpage, lots of bad things can follow.

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Identity Theft

When hackers have enough information about you from phished or scraped sources, they can steal your identity. If this happens, it can have lifelong consequences. Because so much of your life is wrapped up in your online identity and protected by various layers of technology, once those security protections are gone, your entire life becomes fair game for them to move around in, often anonymously until it’s too late.

Exploiting Weaknesses

The most significant part of a technology that can be used against you is the fact that there are always weaknesses that can be exploited. No technology is perfect or perfectly secure. That’s why you have always to keep an awareness of protecting your online identity because once you’ve blown your cover as far as privacy and security go, it can be complicated to reestablish yourself and reset all of your privacy with your online persona or business.

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