Getting the Most Out of Social Technology

One way or the other, it is impossible to escape social technology these days. So, you might as well embrace it. And, you might as well figure out the best ways to have it enhance your life instead of creating adverse effects and consequences. And it might take some effort for you to do this initially. It’s easy to get caught in the traps of social technology that make people frustrated, pessimistic, and bitter. Don’t let this happen to you!Social Technology

You really need to look into social technology and figure out where it intersects with the best aspects of your life. There are many different perspectives to start approaching this topic. These days, it’s probably your best bet to start with your Facebook habits. After that, observe your interactions with your mobile phone as it associates with social media sites. How many times to pick up your phone per day, and how long you stay on there? These are observable traits.

After this, find out what percentage of your time on social media and interacting with social technology ends up being a negative experience. People become mired in self-esteem downward spirals because they don’t recognize their own emotional content as it relates to society and technology these days.

Start With Facebook

When you look into the effect Facebook has had on the world, it’s quite unimaginable how fast things have changed because of the social technology involved. Facebook created a way for people to connect that was never possible before and using its social technology processes, it made itself become an addictive behavior. There are pros and cons to this, but learning to navigate the Facebook environment in a healthy way is the best first start to using social technology to your advantage.

Observe Your Pickups and Timing

There are apps that you can install that track your time on your phone. There are subsets of this time to show you how much time and energy you spend on social media sites. This is where comprehending social technology becomes essential as well. How much of that experience is time that you want to spend? If you are being coerced by technology into chewing up the hours of your day doing things that aren’t relevant, it is up to you to fix that situation.

Recognizing Negativity

You will find studies that show that people who interact more on social media are more depressed. This is both fascinating and troubling. Social technology is supposed to make you happier. It is supposed to make your life more satisfying. It is supposed to connect you to people and places. The trouble is, the way that newsfeeds are presented often makes people feel worse because it creates a comparative value. This is an essential concept for you to understand to avoid disenfranchisement with your own life.

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