The Five Main Benefits of Using Multimode Fibre Optic Cables

benefits of using multimode fibre optic cablesSince fibre optic cabling (as we know it today) was introduced in the early 1970’s, more than 80% of the planet’s long distance communication is now carried over fibre optic cabling. That’s a staggering 25 million kilometres. Today fibre optic cabling is vital to the way that we communicate and receive information. When it comes to modern day local communication, multimode fibre optic cables play an important role, but what are their key benefits?

The Price

Firstly multi fibre optic cabling is considerably cheaper than its single mode counterpart. The main reason for this is that the core of the multimode fibre is significantly larger. As a result alignment and adjustment tolerances are far less critical than in single mode cabling. Ultimately this means that it’s less time consuming to install and far cheaper. In addition it can be made using less expensive plastic optical fibre (POF) rather than glass and can offer the same high performance as glass cabling on shorter runs.

No Distortion of Multi-information Channels

The ability to be able to carry a multitude of signals at any one time over the same cable means that far more packets of information can be sent. In addition to this the information still remains intact when it reaches its destination. This in turn means that multimode fibre opting cables offer a higher bandwidth complete with a higher rate of data transfer. However, transmission is often limited to shorter distances.

Data Safety

For many people, data safety is paramount. The way that multi-fibre optic cables use light by means of total internal reflection, makes it almost impossible to remotely detect any signal which is being transmitted within the confines of the cable. For this reason, fibre optic cables are the information carrier of choice for governments, banks and any other organisation with security concerns.

Use of LED’s

Multimode fibre optic cabling uses LED’s as a light source as opposed to laser light which is used in single optic cables. LED’s by their very nature are cheaper to manufacture and have less safety concerns than laser and are far more effective over shorter distances.

Protocol Capability

Multi fibre cabling has the capability to support many different protocols including, Ethernet, Internet and ATM protocols and Infiniband all of which can connect to Local Area Networks or LAN’s.

If you need dependable fast communication thenmultimode fibre optic cables could well be the answer. Cheap to install and offering high performance, it offers the perfect set up for your network.

Where Can I Buy a Multimode Fibre Optic Cable?

So, if you have decided that Multimode fibre optic cables could benefit you, where can you find one? You can find a wide range of data solutions online at a reasonable price. Go online to find the best Multimode Fibre Optic Cable at MCL Data Solutions.

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