Top 3 Android Apps To Unclutter Your Homescreen

Android Apps To Unclutter Your HomescreenThe Android operating system has given its users a lot to celebrate. Now you can handle a larger number of files and the folders each hold up to 16 apps. However, there is at least one problem that can be quite devastating. And this problem is truly insidious. Ultimately, everyone has to find a way to overcome the inevitable app overload that develops as a cool app quickly loses its luster and gets replaced by another cool app. While nothing can ever be done about the human tendency to want to collect more fun and useful things, you can use apps to make your experience that much easier.

Ultimately, you need to find apps that will help you to get more things done and to simplify your rapidly growing and mutating app collection. There are three very good apps for this purpose that you may or may not yet have on your tablet. If you don’t have these apps yet, you should definitely check them out as soon as you can. Your tablet and your sanity will thank you for doing so. Try the following apps for a great start.

Storage Analyser

Sometimes the best apps are great not just for what they do but for how simple they are. With this German made app, you can check out what is taking up your tablet’s memory. You might wonder why knowing what your tablet has on it is so useful, but when you understand what you have it can become a lot easier to know what is a waste. Storage Analyser allows you to drill down into an entire folder or the entire device itself and immediately make changes. So if you happen to have too many of a particular kind of app or file, you can delete all of the excess right now as a large group.

Of course, Storage Analyser isn’t a fun or sexy app. You are still going to have to make some tough calls about what should stay and what should go when you use this, and sometimes those decisions are not going to be very fun. However, freeing up space and making your life a little bit simpler is always a welcome change.


If you are like a lot of people, social networking is a major component of your life. While you may not rate your daily level of happiness based on how many likes your latest comment has gotten or how many followers or “friends” you currently have, there is a strong possibility that a large amount of your productive hours are less productive because of silly updates. While nothing will stop social networking, HootSuite at least consolidates it all into one simple app. You can save a lot of time simply by making one inane, self-important statement that your friends and followers can all marvel at, and then you can go back to looking great while you conquer the world safe in the knowledge that everything is out in the world, where your business belongs.


DropBox is a great app for sharing your files between all sorts of devices. So you might think of it more as a cluttering tool than as a decluttering tool. Fortunately, you can declutter your tablet through keeping your various files on other devices until you actually intend to use them. When you’ve got only what you need on your tablet, you won’t have as much extra junk getting in the way of you actually accomplishing something productive. Using DropBox allows you to keep your desktop clear of stuff you aren’t going to use until later but still keep everything accessible.

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