Tech Related Things You Need That Will Improve the Way You Hear Things in Your Life

Sound is one of those things that people take for granted in life. So many are lucky enough to be born with the natural capability to hear so they don’t think about the fact that there are many in the world that are born deaf, and there are even more that lose hearing capabilities for various related thingsAt this time in your life you probably don’t think much about the fact that you listening to your music at such a loud decibel might be detrimental, and you certainly don’t think about the fact that you just might give birth to a deaf child one day because 2-3 out of every 1000 children is born with a hearing disability.

Luckily, there are amazing technologies that make it so that those who lose their hearing or are born with limited abilities are able to enjoy the world in screaming audio color, so in the end, you might as well enjoy sound for all that it is. If you want to embrace the gift of hearing and sound in your life, here are 3 tech related things that will help you do just that:

A Record Player

If you’ve been listening to music on your shawty car stereo, or you get by listening on your phone, you really have no idea how good music is supposed to sound.

Of course, listening to music live is an experience that is unparalleled by any other because the vibrations your ear picks up mixed with the live aspects of it can’t be reproduced in the studio, but did you know that in the studio, all the natural frequencies of instruments and voices get compressed to the point that the sound you’re hearing coming from your phone or cheap stereo is so hollowed and one dimensional that you’re losing out on most of the true experience that music is supposed to be?

It’s true and it’s a shame, but if you go back to listening to things on vinyl and you get yourself a record player, you’ll start to hear the depth come out of the music once again, and you’ll never go back to listening on cheap headphones again.

A Bose System

If you’re not about buying all your music just so that you can listen to it on vinyl, the thing you need to make listening a better experience for you is a nice Bose sound system. Throw away the iHomes and the storebought portable speakers and get yourself a real sound system that plays up and brings out all the color your ear is intended to hear. It might be an investment for you, but if you’re a fan of music and you want more, this is it. Once you hear music in its full dimension, you won’t be able to listen any other way.


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