2 Ways to Use Technology As An Accountability Tool With A Loved One Who’s An Addict

Life is never easy for an addict. Nor is it easy for a person who loves another struggling with being in the claws of addiction. Addiction is a disease that is relentless and it doesn’t care who you are, what your history is, how much money you have, or if you’re a good or bad person. It’s an equal opportunist that comes to steal, kill, and destroy.Use Technology As An Accountability ToolWith this being said, if you have somebody in your life whom you love who is an addict, you’re probably asking yourself what you can be doing to help them along in the process. You ask yourself the question every day of if you’re doing enough, if you’re doing too much and therefore hindering them, and you wonder where the line is, and why addiction even has to exist in the first place, because it’s brutal and it’s evil.

These are hard questions to answer, and every situation is different, but if you’re looking for ways to help or at least keep an eye on your loved one, here are 3 ways you can use technology as an accountability tool with the addict in your life:

Use the Web to Find A Program

Rarely does an addict come to the point where they check themselves into a rehab center or program. It happens, but much more often it is the close friends and family who see the need and do everything they can to find treatment help for the person that they’re concerned for.

Thankfully you live in a world where help is as close as the click of a button and the pressing of fingers upon a keypad. Technology is right there to help you help the person in need in your life. First thing is first, find a program that is suited to your loved one, and within that program there will be a built in accountability for them.

Install Apps That Promote Accountability

Once you’ve gotten a loved one into treatment or they’ve been through a program, it’s important to continue helping them in case there is chance of relapse. You can personally install the app Find My Friends on your phone so that you’re able to see where your loved one’s phone is. If you know that they have a tendency to go to the bars, you can see if they’re at one. The app also would allow you to see if your loved one is in a shady part of the city where sketchy things might be going on.

There are also ways to lock apps if your addict friend has an issue with pornagraphy or other addictions that are helped through phone use. There are a lot of ways that technology can be used to help addicts, but these are just a few. Continue to research and ultimately show your friends love, even if it’s tough love, it will help them through.

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