5 Best Photo Editors for Android

We have all grown to find photo editing synonymous to Photoshop. For about two decades, this photo editing by Adobe has ruled the roost. You may have heard a lot of people saying they have ‘photoshopped’ the video even if they used some other app to edit it. We all know that Photoshop is a great application and perhaps irreplaceable. But it is also very difficult to use. There is some bit of learning required even to use the most basic features. Also, it is expensive. So, why not look into some of the amazing photo editors for Android that make the basic image editing extremely easy. Of course you also get the stunning results with them.


Since we are at talking about the photo editors for Android, it would only make sense to mention Snapseed first. Why is that so? Well, for one reason that Google owns Android and Google owns Snapseed as well. But, honestly, that is not the only reason why it deserves the first spot. The fact that it is an incredibly amazing photo editor tool with wealth of features makes it the winner in many ways. There are millions of users out there who are saying that it is by far the best photo editor for Android. There are so many filters and so many image adjustments that you are bound to get the best results. You can use the tools for enhancements or make good use of the sliders. It is all up to you. Now, what’s truly awesome is that it is absolutely free without even a single in-app purchase. The best thing about this app is its availability for pc, to download Snapseed for PC you require an Android Emulator mainly Andy or Bluestacks.best photo editors for androidPicsArt Photo Studio

Android users often have access to some of the most amazing tools. PicsArt is one photo editing tool that has outstripped the other in many ways. First of all, it has been already downloaded by over 100 million users. So that’s already outstanding in itself. But when you look at the rave reviews given by the users and the ratings you are again going to get overwhelmed. The app comes with tons of exciting filters and loads of special effects to make your photo look even more amazing. This app is also totally free and you will not find any in-app purchase options as well.best photo editors

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

This is a little advanced photo editor for the Android platform. It has some special features that you will not find elsewhere.best photo editors app


Pixlr is a name that almost everyone knows who is interested in photo editing. The one thing that makes this app stand apart from the rest is that it is very fast. You can perform all the basic video editing within a matter of minutes. Some of its features are unique and very popular as well. It also has some very effective filters. Although it is free it does come with some in-app purchases.photo editors app

Adobe Lightroom

Well, you don’t always have to buy Adobe Photoshop. There are other simple products from this company as well such as Lightroom. It is indeed a very nice photo editor that allows for some breathtaking editing and that very easily.best photo editors app

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