Secure Your Website with 2 Factor Authentication

2 factor authenticationIt is very difficult keep your website safe from hackers. Telesign 2 factor authentication help you add a defense shield to the username and password of your website. It leverages the phone as a medium of authentication, and provides amazing user’s experience. It reduces the operating costs, concerned with the significant costs reduction and maintains the same the multifator authentication methods.  Telesign 2 factor authentication helps is one of the most trusted brands in the market and this provides the exquisite solution to the protect account access and also protect your website from the fraudulent transaction.

Tougher security

The present market scenario states that the username and password are not much secured these days. The phone is considered as the prime tool to cater to the layered security. Telesign 2 factor authentication effectively shields your accounts with any compromise with user’s phone as the second generation of authentication. Telesign works out of the box in this category of providing the two-factor authentication and enables you to attain the second factor of the authentication.  Through this brand you can maintain the higher security for your, without incurring the costs and complexity of the traditional method of authentication.

Lower costs of operation

Most of the companies are security challenged and thus, the demand of getting the more security is rising up. Telesign helps you to share the layered approach and this prevents you from the higher costs of integration, ongoing administration, provisioning and also the user support.  The company does not go for the time and money consuming process and hence, instead of provisioning hardware and software, companies can lower down the security threats by the enhancing a technology as a part of user’s life. Moreover, it establishes the better user’s experience.

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