Download a Facebook Timeline Cover Maker for Free

facebook timeline cover makerWith Make a Cover for Facebook, when your friends ask you as to whether you created your Facebook cover yourself you’ll be able to tell them that you did. However, you may avoid the follow up questions when they ask you how many hours you spent working on the cover.

And we’ve come to the main advantage of this Facebook cover maker download, its takes very little time to make your own Facebook cover with this facility despite the fact that the facility produces fantastic distinctive Facebook covers.

The financial model on which Make a Cover is financed is neither subscription or pay per download unlike the alternatives that offer the opportunity to make up your own Facebook cover, instead this Facebook cover maker is ad supported. Being ad supported is an approach that personally, I prefer.

Whilst it is undoubtedly has appeal to be able to create your own Facebook cover in a matter of minutes, the biggest appeal I think that this Facebook cover maker has is the characters with which you are invited to customize. I like the male Managa character, although my sister found the Penguin character much more alluring.

In the past, I’ve found character editors to be rather fickle and complex –Make a Cover for Facebook seems to avoid this problem by keeping the interface simple and intuitive.

The interface isn’t that dissimilar to the approach taken by the new Blackberry Z10, in that you have a side bar with which you modify settings and change the preview window.

It could be argued that Make a Cover for Facebook is a bit of a collage cover maker, and to some extent that would be true. However, the absence of mess or mistakes make digital collage maker must more appealing.

Other commentators and reviews of this cover maker for Facebook have noted its absence of creative pallet (i.e. shape tool, paint brush tool and gradient facility) as well as the lack of ability to add text, however I personally think that whilst such functionality would be nice it would detract from the sheer simplicity that this maker app providers, in that rather than clicking for various layers that appeal to you the most your attention would be drawn to more complex customizations which would require much more time and somewhat reduce the appeal of the Facebook Cover Maker.