How To Recover The Deleted Data

Deleting files is very easy. You can just right click and send it to the recycle bin. And to retrieve it back is also easy, all you have to do is to right click the file in the recycle bin and confirm restore. By doing this action you can easily get your files in the original folder of contents. Here are some of the ways to retrieve your data back through recycle bin recovery. And the name the magical wand that we are talking about is EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard. It is an incredible recovery tool which is very helpful in recovering the permanently deleted files which you might have deleted from the Recycle Bin permanently. Here is an easy guide for you to save your data from deletion:Recover deleted data

  1. From the Recycle Bin: it is very easy and does not need extra knowledge. All you have to do is to double click the icon and press restore given on the tab or by pressing right button on your mouse. The recycle bin will then locate your file to its previous original place.
  2. To restore Recycle Bin icon: it might sound funny but sometimes you can lose the desktop icons too. All you have to do is right click on the desktop and press personalization. Then go to change desktop icon to open the settings. Select recycle bin and then press ok. Voila! The icon will appear again.
  3. Retrieving data after deletion from Recycle Bin: Now, this is a tough call. It can be tricky if correct steps are not taken and you can lose the data forever. The data deleted can be volatile in nature and can be lost if not saved at the right time. Software like EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard can bring back the files deleted from the recycle bin. For an average user or a layman, as we say, it is very easy to use without any specific technical qualifications. All you have to do is download it and follow the steps given by them.
  4. Fixing the corrupted Recycle Bin: There is one more way in which you can lose the data. After emptying and restoring too, you can face the problem where your files might stop working and get corrupt, which in turn prevent them from working. In such case, software like EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard will come as a helpful tool. By just following simple steps you can save your data from this hazard. It is easy to use and guides you through with easy steps which do not require any extra effort. All you have to do is to download and follow the instructions, and your files and documents can be saved.

Usually, once the data is deleted it cannot be retrieved back but EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is specially designed free data recovery software which can bring your permanently deleted files. It does not matter at all, where you have lost the data, whether it is on a USB Drive, CD, Hard Drive, Desktop, iPhone etc.

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