When Simple Technology Is the Best Option

You can go far without running into some seriously advanced technology all around. Self-driving cars. Computers that are soon going to be smarter than humans. Artificial intelligence everywhere. Smart gadgets that run your household. Digital assistants that know more about your personality than you do! But that doesn’t mean that simple technology is the best bet when it comes to specific activities.Simple Technology

Consider a few specific times when simple technology in cell phones, tablets, thermostats, or even kitchen gadgets would be ideal. There are probably thousands of examples of simplicity being both cost-effective and useful, but these four will at least get you started thinking about the potential of simply being better.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are amazing these days. But sometimes you don’t need all the extra bells and whistles. You can find a simple, unlocked cell phone to do all of your required activities, but also be rugged and work in harsh conditions no matter where you are, and that is the best option for many people. You don’t necessarily need to be able to browse the App Store when you’re on a hike in the wilderness during a monsoon. Sometimes a simple communication device with the basics that is rugged is all you need.


And we all want the latest desktop computer with the most power, the most RAM, and the most everything else. However, buying a basic tablet may be all you need. If you just need to be able to send and receive emails, use your tablet as an e-reader, or maybe listen to some music, you don’t need intense processing power. Some of the benefits of a simple tablet include low-cost, easy portability, and long battery life. If you’re not using a tablet for hard-core graphics work, then consider simple options to keep the decision easy.


Consider something more specific like a thermostat in your house. You can get an expensive, multi-option, cell phone enhanced, talking thermostat and expected to improve the standard of living at your house. Or you can get a simple, manual version that works no matter what for a fraction of the cost, and still keep your home heated and cooled to a certain degree of error. Again, simplicity might be what you’re looking for.

Kitchen Gadget Examples

Another example might be the simplicity of certain kitchen gadgets. One that comes to mind is if you want to boil eggs, there are ridiculously simple gadgets that just do that, and they do it perfectly every time. When you start buying higher-end gadgets that do more things, or at least claim to do more things, suddenly there’s a lot more that can go wrong, and there’s always going to be an additional cost. Find the gadgets let you one thing well, and you might have a keeper.

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