4 Must Have Apps That Make Your Life Easier

So, you want to know about the must have apps to make your life easier. It’s no secret that technology can make your life easier. Thanks to the capabilities of tech, we can do things with few clicks and swipes that used to take people hours of manual labor. Must have apps

When it comes to the ultimate convenience, the smartphone is in the lead.  There truly is an app for everything, and a few stand out from the rest.  Here are the 4 top must have apps that will immediately make your life easier.


This popular website has become a staple for people looking to buy, sell, or seek or offer services.  Whether you’re looking to buy used vehicle parts or find a plumbing job, this website has it all.

Sometimes, when you’re on the go, however, you don’t have time to open up your laptop and navigate to the site.  The beauty of the app is that you can type in anything you’re looking for on the go and instantly find results.  If you’re in a pinch to find something fast, the layout is much more compact and easy to navigate than from your standard mobile browser.

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There are several Craiglist apps available, so depending on your preferences you may like one more than the others.  Some come with the feature of being alerted of new posts in the category you’re looking for which can be particularly helpful if you’re looking for hard to find items which go quickly.

Google Calendar

Gone are the days of penciled in calendars which you can easily leave behind at home or work.  With Google calendar, you can keep all of your weekly to-dos in the palm of your hand, and synced to all your devices.

You’ll get reminders regardless of which device you’re on so that you never miss an event.  Additionally, you can send event reminders to friends and family so that they can also be added to the calendar.


As a woman, it can be frustrating to try to track your menstrual cycle.  Since no two cycles are the same, this app makes it possible to record your symptoms, rhythms, and patterns so that it anticipates precisely when you’ll ovulate and have your period next.

No more wondering whether you’re late or early again!


If you’ve ever been to dinner with friends splitting up the bill and you’re the only one who has a credit card, often someone will offer to cover your part, and you pay them back.

Sometimes this can lead to someone forgetting, and no one getting their money back.  However, with Venmo you can instantly transfer money between friends without having to worry about cash. It’s easy and free, making money transfers virtually painless!

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