What you should know about email validation

Email validation is becoming a primary tool for business owners who want to build a healthy, reliable email list. The process ensures that the email addresses you gather are valid and safe.Only then you can rest assured that your campaigns actually reach your subscribers and have the potential to accomplish their mission.email validation

How Can You Clean Your email List?

You can either use an API or run your list through an email validation software, or do both for maximum results. If you wantto verify email addresses in real time, you can hook the API onto your website. Sometimes people make mistakes when they type in their address in your signup form. They really want to be on your mailing list and receive your newsletters, but a misspelled email address is an invalid address. Well, the API makes sure those contacts never make it to your list.

If you already have a certain number of email addresses that you’ve never checked, you can run the whole list through an email validation system. It’s the best way to weed out any invalid, fake, risky and dead email accounts and turn your email list into the gold mine it could be.

What Else Can An email Checker Do?

Lots of helpful things! A good email checker will also identify and remove spam traps, abuse emails, catch-all and toxic domains, and disposable email addresses. These types of contacts bring you no benefit in the long run, on the contrary. They endanger your sender reputation and because of them, your email service provider may one day simply refuse to use your database. Also, your email blasts will always end up in the Spam folder or, worse, not get delivered at all!

To make sure you’re safe and you get the results you want from your email marketing campaigns, use the email validation API on your website. Also, clean your email list once a month, to avoid bots ruining your reputation and efforts.

How To Choose a Good email Validation Service

There are lots of companies on the market, so choosing the right one for you can be tricky. It depends on your budget and expectations, but the best route is to pick one that will offer you more complex features. Pay attention to their GDPR compliance, as well as their willingness to negotiate on the price and provide you with the technical support you need.

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