Must Have Apps for Windows 8 Users

must have apps for windows 8Microsoft has again shined in the tech world with the launch of its much awaited Windows 8. Microsoft gone through a no. of previews to make sure that it delivers the best operating system, and it is actually seems to be happening from positive reviews about Windows 8 from users all over the globe. Windows Store is the one-stop solution to enhance your Windows 8 experience by downloading the apps. You might be interested in doing so. Well, it is a matter of common sense that every app is not worth trying. If you have just installed Windows 8 on your PC/Laptop and are eager to know about the must have apps for it, then check out this list.

4 Must Have Apps For Windows 8 Users


Social Networking websites have many people addicted to them. It is quite clear from the fact that the online shopping giant Facebook is having more than 800 million active users. The other social networking websites like Twitter, LinkedIn are also not behind. If you are having your account in any of these popular social networking website, then you must download the FlipToast app. This is a one-end solution for all of your social networking needs. Link your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare account with the app and start enjoying all services at single place, at same instance.


Wikipedia does not need any introduction. Does it? If you are a die-hard fan of this free source of knowledge, then you must download this app on your Windows 8. Access any topic on Wikipedia, Bookmark your favorite pages, pinch to zoom in and out and many other features. Just install this app on your PC running Windows 8 and then you can search for any topic in WikiPedia, right from your Windows 8’s search tool.

XE Currency

If you use to import export products a lot, then you must keep updated with the latest currency conversion rates. Well, due to uptrend and downtrend in Stock Market, the conversion rate of currencies keep varying, and if you are not updated with the latest conversion rate, then you may end up with a loss in your hard-earned money. But this app ensures you that you have up-to-date currency conversion rates with you. You can set your target and base currency, and once doing so, you will start receiving notifications regarding the up or downtrend in the particular set currency. Must have app for business persons.


Due to increasing craze of  social networking websites, the craze of chatting is also at its best. If you also like to chat with your friends or relatives over different instant messaging software, then IM+ is meant for you. This is all-in-one instant messenger. It means that you can link all of your major instant messaging credentials with this single app, and can stay online on all services at single instance, from this single app.

Thousands of other apps are there in Windows Store, but these ones are must for every Windows 8 user. Are you going to download them right away?

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