5 Must Have Apps for Java Phones

Welcome back. It is the age of high end smartphones. But still you are using a feature phone, we have collected some free high-quality, Java-based applications for you.apps for java phones

5 Popular Apps For Java Phones


World’s most popular social networking site. By installing the Facebook app for java phones, you can keep you connected with your friends and family. The best thing I liked about this app is that it uses less data as compared to other java apps. This application allows you to use almost all the keys features of Facebook including messages, News Feed and uploading of photos and videos etc.


This application allows you to read almost all the leading newspapers on your mobile device. You will be feeling great to know that Newshunt offers more than 50 top dailies in different languages. It also supports more than 1,500 phone models. You can choose a specific category or a newspaper to view the news carried by various newspapers.

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Opera Mini

This is one of the widely used browsers in both smart and feature phones. Opera mini comes with some advanced features like quick zoom, speed dial, quick search, tabs, text wrap,  sharing,  bookmarks, a download manager and an onscreen keyboard for touchscreen phones. This awesome browser also has the ability to compresses data.


If you are using Twitter regularly, you must install this app on your Java phone. This app allows you to use most of the Twitter features, including user profiles, images links and many more. Apart from java based phones, it also supports older BlackBerry phones.


Another most popular and widely used app for java phones. Munduim allows its users to simultaneously sign in to various chat networks, including Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Google, AIM, Jabber and many more. The great feature I liked about the app is that it supports cross-conference chats among multiple accounts.

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