Top 9 Best Browsers for Android

best android browsersWelcome back to Techbusket. There are so many web browsers available in Google Play Store to make mobile browsing fast, secure and fun. Today, we have collected top 9 best browsers for android device and all of them are rich in feature. I include all the notable features of these android browsers to help you to decide which one is best for you.

9 Best Browsers for Android

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is world’s most used browser and is one of the best browsers for android. Within very short period of time the Android Version of Google Chrome has hit the top list of best web browsers for android. Google Chrome supports all your favorite Chrome elements, like Incognito browsing, omnibox, Auto-fill and many more. However like its desktop version it does not support Adobe Flash. Another down side of the app is that it does not run on older versions of Android.

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Another fast and free browser for your Android device. It fully supports Firefox Sync. Using this feature you can quickly import all of your browsing history and open tabs from the desktop to your android device easily. Firefox for android also comes with a “Awesome Page” start screen that shows you all of your recently visited tabs. It also supports add-ons and Personas, although they are available in very less numbers.

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Dolphin Browser HD/Mini

It is my favorite web browser for android. This browser supports tons of of third-party plug-ins and tools, speech to text and on-screen gestures to open bookmarks and navigate. The best thing I like about Dolphin is that Dolphin is that it is so sleek when scrolling. Unlike other android browsers it comes in two flavors- HD and Mini.

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UC Browser

UC browser is the most popular browser among all of the web browsers available for mobile phones. But it not that much popular among android users. The best thing I like about the UC browser is that it comes with the fastest download manager. Other features include good browsing speed, easily customizable, good compression rate and many more. If you often download large files on your android mobile phone, UC browser is the best for you.

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Opera Mobile/Mini Web Browser

It is another fast android browser and it compresses data in the background so that you can browse all your favorite sites without blowing through your data allowance. Like Dolphin, it also has two versions- Opera Mobile Browser, aimed at higher-end devices, and Opera Mini, which is aimed at older and lower spec devices. Opera has has its own mini app store, full of third-party add-ons and games.

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Boat Browser/Mini

Boat Browser is Fast, lightweight, and completely free. It supports lots of add-ons and also has a powerful voice control engine that helps you open any of your favorite site through voice command. Means if you say “Facebook”, the browser will instantly open Facebook for you. If the full version does not support on your phone, Boat Mini is there for you. Boat browser also supports different types of themes.

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Skyfire Web Browser

Few of my friends have been using this android browser for several months and happy with its performance. This is the best social network friendly mobile browser and make your mobile web experience richer and smarter. If you often watch videos on your android phone like my friends, this is the best web browser for you.

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Maxthon Mobile Web Browser for Android comes with a lots of cool features to make your mobile browsing fast and secure. Using Maxthon you can browse all of your favorite websites in true full screen mode. This browser also allows you to Create your own touch screen commands to surf with your fingertips and supports add-ons like RSS Reader, Missed Calls, File Manager, Task Killer and many more.

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InBrowser- Incognito Browsing

If you often visit Adult sites from your android device then this browser is for you. When you exit the app, all data and browsing history is automatically removed from your phone. InBrowser comes with a in-app video player.

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