Make your low-end Android smartphone perform better

Android is a great operating system. Is is fast and allows the user to control every aspect of their smartphone. The smartphones that run on Android OS are available in every price bracket, starting from just $100. But they are not so great on hardware and performance. Low-end specifications make the phone to under-perform.

android smartphone perform betterNow there are many new smartphones going to launch with latest version on android. Upcoming Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6 and Htc M9.

But as said; Android provides customizability of every aspect of the smartphone. So you can improve the performance by some extent, which will make you love your smartphone again. Some of them are listed below-

  • Uninstall the Apps that you don’t use- Low-end smartphones offer a low amount of storage and thus if the memory gets full, the phones starts slowing down. Also, apps run in the background and thus consume RAM, which is also very low in numbers. So, the applications that you don’t use should be uninstalled.
  • Clear App Cache- Mostly low-end smartphones run on Android versions below 4.4 which use Dalvik-Runtime. So, the apps builds some data for that particular launch which can be freed using any cache cleaner to free up some space and that space can be utilized for other purposes.
  • Use Multi-purpose apps- All users use different apps for  the same purpose. For e.g. people use Facebook, Twitter by different apps. Instead of this, use a single app that allows access to both of the websites at the same time. This will help to free up some storage and will cost less to the RAM.
  • Limit apps that run in background- You can limit the apps that run in the background. Go to Settings> Developer Options> Background Processes and set to something like at most 4 at a time.
  • Reduce Animation Speed-Go to Settings> Developer Options and scroll down till you find Animator Duration Scale and select x0.5.
  • Use Android’s built in task manager- Don’t use any app like Clean Master or RAM Booster. These will cost you on storage and RAM. Android’s task killer is pretty fantastic and simple. Just open Settings> Apps and swipe to left till you reach running tab and select the task and click on force stop. Also clear apps from cached apps located at top right or press hardware menu button.
  • Don’t use any battery savers- Low-end smartphones has less powerful components to power thus it will be battery efficient. So, avoid using any battery saver. If you still want more juice, try adjusting brightness manually instead of auto-brightness, which requires powering a sensor to work, extracting more juice of the battery; and do kill apps that run in the background.
  • Root your smartphone- Rooting is a good option. It opens all the levels of customizability and will allow you do whatever you feel like with your smartphone. From over clocking your processor, increasing storage on your device, increasing a RAM (virtual), to upgrading your smartphone OS.

Note that it voids your warranty and can brick your smartphone making any unnecessary changes to OS and not following correct steps. Though, there are guides to unbrick your bricked smartphone.

Google your smartphone model for proper rooting guides or watch some videos on YouTube or browse through XDA-Developers and Modaco forums for some good guides.

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