Best Sites To Find Free Background Music For YouTube Videos

If you are looking for free background music for YouTube videos, this is the right place for you. You would be surprised to know that these days more than 74 hours of videos are posted to YouTube every minute. The popularity of video content is increasing day by day and it is around 82 percent of internet traffic.

Background music makes a video more interesting. Though there are many places available to find background music for YouTube videos, here in this article we are sharing three top places to download high-quality free background music for your videos.

Best Places To Find Free Background Music For Your Video

YouTube Audio Library

This is the most popular place to find royalty music for your next YouTube video. If you are a new creator, you can find the YouTube’s Audio Library under the create section. Here you can find a wide variety of audios, from genres ranging from Dance and Electronic to Country and Folk. All the audios available here is a combination of public domain and Creative Commons licenses. The only thing you need to do is credit the track’s creator  in your description to keep it clean.YouTube Audio Library

You may be wondering how to find the required audio among lakhs of tracks. Don’t worry, you can do it easily using the search functions. Just enter your search term like funny, peaceful, dramatic etc in the search box and all your results are ready.


Another most popular place to download royalty free music for YouTube videos in popular formats like mp3 and wav. You just need to download the audio tracks and use them in video productions. SoundCloud is used by DJs and amateur artists to post and distribute their music.SoundCloud Free Audio

The best thing about using SoundCloud for background music is that these songs sound like real music rather than a fabricated tune for a marketing film. As SoundCloud is only built for audio tracks, therefore, you can find here better quality sound as compared to other places.

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Artlist is my personal favorite. It offers an immense amount of audio tracks both in variety and quality. The site is updated almost daily and this place offers over 27k sound effects for your videos. The best thing about Artlist is that all the background music are categorised and curated by modes, genres so that one find easily the required audio clips and sound effects.Artlist


Pond5 markets itself as the “world’s largest collection of royalty free stock video and creative assets”. Here you have the option to choose your sound from a library of 500,000 tracks. Along with free background music, it also offers after effects and royalty free music video.Pond5

Another place to find cool background music for your next YouTube video. Here you can find more than 300,000 royalty-free music clips. The best thing about the is that one can preview every royalty-free music together with video and edit it right in the browser.

Final Note

Though there are plenty of sites available to download free background music, most of the sites charge a small monthly fee. If for any reason, the free sources are not enough for you, we suggest you to buy a monthly plan to make your material fantastic.

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