Alternatives for PowerPoint for Androids

PowerPoint for AndroidsThe importance of presentations in the business arena cannot be ignored. It forms an important part in any business meeting, a business proposal or a business proposition. No business proceeding can take place properly without the presence of an official presentation by the company. A presentation makes it easier for the audience to understand the subject of the meeting. It’s easy to give example and relate the strategies on the screen rather than explaining the subordinates without the help of proper graphical representation. Android platform offers some good apps that compete with the likes of PowerPoint to a great extent and can be regarded as the alternatives for Microsoft PowerPoint:

1.    Power point Open Office remote

PowerPoint for AndroidsThis is the most popular app present in the android platform and enjoyed by the users to make presentations. The flexibility of this app can be adjudged by the fact that apart from Power point, this app synchronizes well with Open Office also. This app can be used as a remote for directing a presentation according to the user’s needs and expectations. This app works without any hassles with the major processors available in the market. The striking feature of this app facilitates a preview of presentation before starting it in the meeting, this enables the user to check the aptness of the presentation and make changes if necessary.

2.    Presenter

PowerPoint for AndroidsThis app works well with almost all the OS present in the market, ranging from Windows, Mac or Linux. The above discussed app did not possess some important features which are featured in this app. The simple interface of this app makes it quite easy for the user to operate it. The bar code present in this app makes the connection with system easy. The volume of the presentation can also be monitored with the use of volume keys present in this app.

3.    Remote for Power Point

PowerPoint for AndroidsThis app is a high rated app which is loved by all the experts alike. This app is quite popular among the android platform users. The only short coming of this app is that it synchronizes only with Windows and does not work with the other OS available in the market, but the incredible features of this app make up for this shortcoming. It is easy to operate and makes presentation creation a hassle free process for the user. In the apps that work with Windows, this is the best one available.

4.    Quick Office Pro

PowerPoint for AndroidsThis app enables the creation and editing of documents to be made while being on the move. This app enables the user to create charts in the presentation. This feature is absent from all leading presentation app for android. It makes this app even more special. The availability of Bluetooth enables the transfer of presentations from one device to another in a hassle free manner.

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