Top 5 Android Memory Game Apps

Android memory game appsI bet you do daily exercise to keep your body fit and strong. Like your body, Your brain also need some exercises to keep active throughout your life. Most of the people use less than 10% of their brain. So, to boost brain power, we have collect some exciting and best memory game apps.

Memory trainer

It is a popular memory improving app among Android users. This wonderful app lets you to choose your favorite brain workout session and also helps to track your progress based on the session. Daily spend few of your minutes with Memory trainer game to improve your memory in a wondrous manner.

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Brain Trainer

This app comes with a reminder, which remind you to play the game every day until you turn the reminder off. Brain trainer includes game forms ranging from save ninja, math ninja, question mode, tricky colors, phone numbers and many more. Download this game free from Google Play Store and play frequently to make your brain more strong.

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Word Search

Another mind blowing game for your brain. If you love paying with words then this simple brain game is for you. The grids are filled with words which intersect and cross. Word Search is very addictive and is one of the best mobile word search puzzle game.

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Shuffle ‘n slide

My most favorite puzzle game. This game comes with more than 135 beautiful pictures which you can use as a puzzle. Each and every puzzle consists of 9 tiles. Just shuffle the tiles to get the original image. You can play it anywhere and can make your brain more strong at the same time.

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Brain IQ test

This awesome brain app improves your brain’s learning capability, problem solving techniques and creative thinking. Play this simple game regularly and start improving your IQ levels day by day.

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