8 Mobile Content Apps You Should Check Out

The secret to getting things done is not just the ability to do them quickly, but the ability to manage everything and keep it filed away properly. Technology has granted ways to navigate and control all the facets of our lives with smart devices and application programs.

mobile content appsHere are eight mobile content apps you should definitely check out!

1. UpSync

This application helps you create presentations on the go. The simple tools and features let you drag and drop to your heart’s delight, and create professional content in a manner of minutes. Whether you are getting ready for that big meeting or simply sealing that deal on the go, this app is magnificent!

2. DCO Mobile

If you wish to bring your desktop directly to your mobile device, this application makes that possible. This handy little program allows you to conduct meetings, conference calls, and presentations directly from your smart device.

3. CaptureToCloud

Capture anything and file it away with this innovative tool. It actually serves as a saving device that enables you to reference back to websites, documents, and a wide array of other media items. CaptureToCloud saves time on research by eliminating the need to look for the same information more than once. It’s a great way to keep moving.

4. TradeHero Mobile

This mobile stock market allows you to create an account where you can gain followers and earn subscription fees by ranking your trading portfolio with others on TradeHero. You can learn from other TradeHeroes about ways to improve your trading habits.

5. Core Research

With this app, you can access college-ranked publications that would otherwise be inaccessible without paying a fee. You can also store their articles for future reference or enjoyment.

6. Pleex

This application gives you the ability to share virtually anything from mobile device to computer. Even if you want to share pictures with other mobile devices that do not have MMS capabilities, you can get around that hurdle.

7. Mobile Emergency

This app is simply a tool to manage emergencies in hospitals or large areas. You can notify emergency, get status reports, and navigate certain areas of the hospital. This is just a sampling of what this outstanding application provides.

8. Garmin BlueChart

This marine navigation system enables you to chart your location and route. You can plan, scroll, and zoom to find wrecks and nearby ports.

Getting things in order or simply saving time are important benefits of owning a smart device. Finding the right app for your device will propel you further in the right direction, which will save time and money.

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