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android business applicationsThe Smartphone is often marketed as a great option to the gaming console, or as something that allows you to stay connected with your social networks, email, or the internet. It is not often that you see the Smartphone marketed for the advantages that it can offer your business. The truth is that owning a Smartphone such as the Android is a get way to be able to conduct business on the go. Below is a list of some of the must have applications that any business person should download to their Android mobile device.

Top Android Business Applications



This is an excellent app for anyone that may conduct a lot of presentations. It not only works with PowerPoint, but it will allow you to setup presentations directly on your Android. This will allow you to make changes and updates on the go as you remember them. You can review your presentation on the phone, and then connect it through a PC to a big screen for the actual presentation. Even after you connect with the large screen to conduct the presentation you will still be able to use your Android as the remote. There is a free trial available, but if you wish to download the full version it will cost around $10.


This app is perfect for someone that may meet and great a great deal of people. The business card is becoming a thing of the past, and it is quite frustrating having to hold on to all of the cards that you collect just so you have to sort through a giant stack when you need to track down the person that you need to contact. Once you download Bump it will allow you to transfer information by simply bumping your phone with the person who wants your contact information or who you want to supply with your contact information. The app gets even better since they will allow you to download it free of charge.

Documents to Go

This is one of the more expensive apps that is available on the market, but it is a must have for someone like a sales rep that is often on the go. It will allow you to view and edit all Microsoft Office documents as well as view email attachments. Anyone that spends most of the day out of the office can tell you how difficult it is to make changes to a document while you are on the go. The only thing about this app is that it costs around $30 to acquire the full version. There is a free version available, but the free version will just basically allow you to view email attachments and little more than that.

Conducting business on the go can be a tricky balance, especially when you are someone that may work in a fast paced environment. Help relieve some of your stress by downloading some of these apps that will help make your job a little bit easier. It will be worth the money paid in the long run.

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