5 Top Features of Google Glass

Top Features of Google GlassTechnology has given us new horizons of success where we can do anything by just a click. We have seen many incredible gadgets launched this year which have made our work easier and simple. And here in this post we are going to talk about on one of the incredible gadgets of Google which is going to be launched soon to the market. This gadget is known as Google glass which is made by Google with some awesome features. If you don’t know anything about this new technology which is going to be launched by Google soon, then here is quick look on it.

Top Features of Google Glass


Google glasses are made with elegance. It really makes your work simple just what you have to do is wore the glasses on and then you can do anything that you want. You can take pictures with Google glass, record videos and share it live and you can also get directions to get to the correct destination. Google glass allows you to capture and share anything you want by just giving the Google glass your command.

Capture and Record

Google glass allows you record and take pictures by just giving a command to it. For taking pictures you can say “ok glass take a picture” and for recoding a video “ ok glass record a video” as soon as you give commands to Google glass it will start working according to your commands and will take some sharp pictures and some great high definition videos. And all the data will be saved to its 4GB flash memory. I would say that Google glass is really a great thing to have which will probably give a new horizon of success to technology.


This is also a great feature of sending messages by just giving a command to your glass. It will get your all messages and emails displayed on your glass and the interesting thing about this feature is that you can even reply them back by just giving voice commands to your Google glass.

Google Everything

I love to search on Google. If I have to search anything on internet then most of the times I prefer Google as Google provides you with the best search results and here with Google glass you can also do the same thing just ask anything to your Google glass and it reply with the best search results.


You must have used the Google translator to understand other languages. It is the best way to translate other languages to English. And you get the same feature with Google glass it allows you to translate other languages to English in quick time.

So, these were some of the important features for Google glass. Well, for buying this Google glass you can apply online only if you are an American. As for starting Google is going to give Google glass to first 8000 participants which will spend $1500 for Google glass. I hope soon Google glass will be in the market.

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