Top weather Apps For Android

Top weather AppsHere in this post we are going to give you a review on the top weather apps for android. There are many weather applications present in Google Play store but it can be difficult to choose that which weather app is the best one for your smartphone. Weather apps for android provides the users with the weather forecast of his city. This can be very useful as instead of searching for weather updates on internet or watching a weather channel now you can easily get it on your android smartphone by just installing a weather app. And here we have come with the best 5 weather apps that you can use for your android smartphone. Here is a quick look to it.

Weather Bug

This android application is counted as the best weather app which provides the best and the accurate weather updates. It provides you with latest updates through your GPS location. It also provides you with the predicted weather for the next 5 days. Weather bug app allows you to see some real pictures of the location that you want but that is only applicable in America, you can have real time pictures though cams. The interface is pretty awesome as you can see your location that where you are and the current weather. You can also see the wind speed from wind bar. You can also see the current temperature with the latest weather forecast. This application is free and you can easily download it from Google play store.

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Weather Pro

This android application provides you with the best weather forecast near you. This android application allows you see current weather of more than 2 million locations worldwide. You can also use the live cams to get real time pictures if you are in America. I have used this application on my smartphone and I would say that this android app provides the best accurate results for current weather. You can use satellite service from which you get real time footage of your location with latest predicted weather for the next 7 days. The interface is nice you can see everything on the main screen of this android app. This is a paid application and you can easily buy it from Google play store for just $3.34 and RS 179.99 in INR.

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Yahoo Weather

This is also one the best weather apps for android. This android application allows you to know about your local weather and the current weather forecast on your respective android smartphone or tablet. You can see some real time pictures with the weather forecast which makes this android application an exclusive one. You can even share your weather updates with its social sharing feature. It has a pretty awesome interface where you can see your weather updates and the predicted weather for the next 4 days. This android application is free and you can easily download it from Google play store.

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So, these were some of the top weather apps which you can use on your respective android device. Enjoy.

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