Magicjack Android App

magicjack android appHere in this post we are going to give you a review on an android application Magicjack. This application allows you to make free calls in US and Canada. This android application is free and you can easily download it from Google play store. You should need a Wi-fi connection to operate this android application. You can make the cheapest calls all over US and Canada. As for now you will be only able to make calls over us and Canada. This application doesn’t allows you to make calls outside US and Canada. You can create your own Magicjack no. and send it your friends and start getting calls from it for free. There are many other features that we are going to talk about for this Magicjack android application. So, here is a quick look to it.


The interface is pretty nice where you will see a big dial pad for making calls. You will see 3 options just below the dial pad as free, call and stock. When you will press the free option it doesn’t response and i really don’t like that for what they have made that option. And when you press the button for stock then it will open a browser and show you stock status for this Magicjack android application. Furthermore you have to make an account to work with this application just enter the username and password to this android application and then you can easily work with it. This has been the biggest concern that how they have to register for Magicjack to do free calls all over us and Canada. For this you can directly register on .

Size- This application doesn’t take much of your time to download as this android application less in size just 4.8 MB so, you won’t have to wait to download this application it will take few minutes.

There are many other options featured in this android application. Let’s take a closer look on those.

  • Recent- In this option you will be able to see your call detail that on what phone no, you have called and from which phone no. you have got a call. This application really makes it simple.
  • Contacts- If you like you to use your contacts for giving calls then instead of dialing the no. you can easily choose contacts to give calls to your friends and relatives.
  • Account- From this option you can easily see your account status.
  • Keypad- by pressing the keypad option the dial pad appears from which you can easily dial your phone no. the dial pad is big so, you won’t find any problem in entering the no.
  • Voice mail- You can also use the voice mail service by settings the voice mail option. You can also enable the voice mail service for which the caller can leave a message if you are not available to take the call. You can also record the calls too.

So, these were some of the important points on this awesome application Magicjack.

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