Top 10 Android Apps for Designers And Web-Developers

Android Apps for Designers And Web-DevelopersWeb developers and designers are just like programmers, in that they cannot simply leave their work for the next day. They come up with ideas and code at the most unexpected and often inappropriate times, and having a Smartphone is a great little tool for doing little snippets of work here and there. Obviously, it is easier with an app to help you, so if you have an Android phone then here are some great android apps to help you.

Best Android Apps for Designers And Web-Developers

 WordPress for Android

This is a very popular android app, which is understandable, since the WordPress CMS is very popular. This allows you to use some of the WordPress CMS tools to build or update your blog. There are even people who use the app to build and/or optimize websites. The app is open source, just like the CMS, so you will not have to pay anything to install it, and it allows you to do many of the things that the WordPress CMS allows, including looking at statistics and managing comments.

Joooid 1.1 Joomla! Editor

This is an editor that is good for altering your Joomla blog. You can publish articles or add image to galleries. You can even add maps and other HTML code into your pages using this android app. The maps may have the GPS-determined position function enabled too. There are a few problems with compatibility with some versions of Joomla, so if you are getting a lot of error messages, then try the more advance (but beta) Joooid 1.2.

Drupal Editor

This is a CMS app that you can use for your blog (or website if you wish). You can create posts on the app, upload them, and edit them too. You will have to enable the blog API in order for the app to work for you. If you are currently running a Drupal website, then this android app will allow you to play with your website and work on it, all from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Webmaster’s HTML Editor Lite

You can use a text document on your Android phone if you want to write HTML code, but we all make little mistakes, and they are hard to spot on a text document. This editor is reactive, which means that if you mess up your code then it will give you some indication as to what went wrong and where. It is also good for editing JavaScript CSS and PHP too. It shows you when the code is complete, and highlights certain syntaxes to make it easier to read and easier to find your mistakes.

JavaScript Reference

This is one of many cheat sheets that are available at the moment. It is an android app that you can use to look up some of the more common JavaScript codes and functions. This android app has a very clean interface, which takes a lot of the convolution out of the process, and all of the code is very clean so you should not have much trouble copying and pasting it into your own JavaScript code. It covers all of the built-in JavaScript objects.

Analytix for Google Analytics

If you have the Google Analytics code embedded into your website, and you use Google Analytics on a regular basis, then you may enjoy this android app. It provides you with all the information that you can get from Google Analytics on a desktop computer, and it is all very quick so you will be able to see your results in (almost) real-time. The interface and visualizations are very clean and clear, which sets it apart from most other Analytic apps for the Android.

View Web Source

It is very common for web designers and even web developers to look at the source code of other websites. This android app allows you to do just that so that you can look at (and steal) the code from other websites. Or, if you are a web developer, you can have a look at what keywords your competition are optimizing for. This android app allows you to copy code from websites onto a clipboard, so that you can use it later. Just enter the URL of the page into your android app, and it will show you the source code.


Another useful android app that will allow you to transfer files to your server. It is an FTP app, but it also allows you to transfer files via SFTP, FTPS and SCP. It also has a file browser so that you can have a look at your files too. You can see the files on your phone and on the remote server too. You can even copy, delete and rename your files with this android app too. You can create folder and set permissions.

ConnectBot SSH Client

This android app allows you to use a telnet client or SSH. It is one of the few apps that will allow you to do this, since there are not many calls for such apps. It is a full-featured SSH client and is very secure. You can transfer files to and from your server whilst connected via a secure Shell.

kWS – Android Web Server

This is one of the more basic web server devices that you can use. It actually allows you to run a small server via your Android phone. It is based on Linux, and is very lightweight. It is good for uploading your files, and has a very fast loading time. If you are taking files from your web server and putting them onto your Android server, you will be surprised at how quickly it transfers and loads.

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