5 Tips for Using Lyft Services

Smartphones have become part and parcel of us in the present world due to the numerous services we can receive at the tap of a finger. Ridesharing services are one of these services that leverage GPS technology, social networks, and smartphones to revolutionize the way we travel. One of the most common real-time ridesharing service today is Lyft. Lyft is a mobile application that connects drivers with a car to passengers looking for a ride in real-time. It boasts of more than 23 million users today most of whom are from the United States. Here are five tips for a better experience when using Lyft services.Tips for Using Lyft Services

  1. Use Lyft promo codes for free or discounted rides

Lyft usually offers a referral code for every new user who signs up on the platform. This referral code can then be shared with friends or family for a chance to win credit. Once the person you invited signs up and takes his or her first ride with Lyft, you receive a credit that ranges from $5 to $20. This credit will then be applied to your next ride on Lyft.

  1. Use the Driver portal

For new drivers who are not yet sure of what the lyft drive app offers, one of the exciting features is the driver portal. The portal calculates and displays live daily and weekly summaries of the amount of money you made, star ratings you received, tax and direct deposit information. This information can help you review and evaluate your progress for a better understanding and experience while using Lyft.

  1. Drive during the busiest hours

For part-time drivers, you would want to make the highest possible profits during the little time that you’ll be behind the wheel. Driving during the morning and evening rush hours, and weekend mornings and afternoons have been proven to be more lucrative due to the high number of customers in need of rides at these times in most cities.

  1. Track your expenses

To avoid too many costs when using Lyft, it’s important to track your expenses as a driver. You can do this by monitoring your mileage using an appropriate mileage tracker or by avoiding unnecessary driving. The fewer miles you drive without a passenger, the more profitable your Lyft driving will be.

  1. Use the Lyft, fare estimator

The Lyft app comes with a feature that enables passengers to estimate the Lyft fare they can use from one place to another. The user simply inputs the pickup location and destination address after which the app will calculate and display the fare. Even though the estimate is not an accurate figure, in most cases the fare used revolves around the estimate. This way you can be able to explore costs to different destinations and plan better.

Overly, Lyft is a great and competitive ridesharing service that offers lots of benefits to both drivers and passengers alike. The above tips if well implemented can help you save money and have a better experience while using Lyft.

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