5 Tips to Getting More Followers on Instagram

Instagram has gained huge popularity over the last couple of years. What started as a conservative instant photo sharing app, Instagram has grown to be a billion-dollar company with over 800 million monthly active users. Today, Instagram is being used by millions of small to large companies to advertise their products and services and improve customer engagement. If you are an Instagram user but finds it difficult to gain traction in terms of followers, perhaps these five tips can help you increase your social media presence.Get More Instagram Followers

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

  1. Consistent Content

In this digital world, content plays a crucial role in establishing an audience and finding loyal customers. To attract more visitors and get them to follow you, you must constantly put up relevant photos or Instagram stories that are relatable. The more consistent you are, the more interested your followers will be. Your Instagram feed reflects you and your brand. The photos that you post should be curated in a way that the message is clear. Don’t leave your bio incomplete and keep your profile status short, funny and witty. The more quality content will be, the more engagement you will receive along with other factors. Also, it is recommended you do detailed content analysis in order to understand whether it will work or not.

  1. Use Popular Hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to increase followers on Instagram. Popular hashtags include #ThrowbackThursday, #TGIF, and many others. Hashtags should be self-explanatory and relatable. If you post hashtags especially those that are used by celebrities and other famous personalities, then there is a chance that other Instagram users will find your account and follow you. When you use popular hashtags, your images will be found easier on search. It is now up to you to make sure that you keep posting photos and stories and engage with your followers by liking or replying to comments.

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  1. Link Your Instagram to other Social Media Sites

Linking your Instagram account to your other social media sites is another way of increasing followers and probably tapping into a different market. You can promote your Instagram account on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. If you’re posting videos on YouTube or Facebook, include a call to action to follow you on Instagram for the latest updates. This will hopefully bring your audience from other social media to Instagram. As much as possible, keep a streamlined content. For instance, most long-haul videos should be posted on YouTube while photos and short video clips should be on Instagram.

  1. Use Automated Generation System

If you think that you have done everything that you can to improve your Instagram presence but there is no substantial impact, then it might be time to seek experts and find ways to increase views and encourage followers. InstaSwift is a company that will help you generate more likes, views and Instagram auto followers. It provides a reliable, sustainable, and customizable system so that your efforts will not go to waste. It is not enough to get views; the goal is to get more followers to form a community with similar interests.

  1. Use Geotagging

Geotagging is a great feature of Instagram that you can use every time you post photos or Instagram stories in different locations. You have the opportunity to know exactly where your audience it so you can build your content more strategically. When you are visiting a new location and you use Instagram geotagging, there is a chance that you can attract new followers from that place.

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