5 Great Ways to Tweak Windows 8

Great Ways to Tweak Windows 8Are you using Windows 8? Is your computer running slow, much to your anxiety and problems? If yes, then you do not have to worry even an inch, as there are great ways to tweak windows 8, which will result towards increasing the functionality of your system like the way you have always wanted.

Following Are The Greatest Ways to Tweak Windows 8

Use Pin for Login Purpose

There has been an increasing use of pin due to its easy access over tricky and time consuming password. Hence, you can ensure the easiest possible way of login with the help of a 4 digit pin code.

Login With the Help of a Picture

Thanks to the assistance of picture, you will be able to login in the easiest possible manner. You just need to select the picture and specify the area which you want to use for authentication purpose like nose, ears, cheeks or eyes. Thereby, you are able to configure your picture.

Enhance Great Performance with Minimum Visual Effects

You would have often found that at the time of minimizing or maximizing, the computer freezes. Therefore, disable the effects by going to the “System properties performance” and press “Enter”. As you are “in”, click “Visual Effects” tab and then you are done. Great, isn’t it?

Configure Metro App Links so that it can be Opened in Desktop

Windows 8 is synonymous with Metro user interface. It gives you the convenience to use full-screen applications. There are various enhanced and sophisticated features and you will simply love all of them. You can configure Metro. Thereby, you can open the desktop version of the internet explorer.

Ensure Faster Browsing by Configuring Open DNS

OpenDNS ensures that you are going to get the best of service which is simply electrifying to say the least. Now, it will not take lots of time towards connecting a web page. Thereby, you will ensure that your work is done in the easiest possible manner like the way you have always wanted.

Finally, aforesaid are the 5 sophisticated ways to tweak windows 8. You will ensure the best time of your life as you use them.

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