New Features in the Windows 8 File Explorer

Welcome back to Techbusket. Here is one more post related to Windows 8. Today we would like to share some new features in the windows 8 file explorer.

Windows 8 File ExplorerMove and Copy

The most favorite thing in the file explorer is to move a file from one location to the other location by pressing a move button, and you can also copy the files, photo act from one folder to another folder by pressing a copy button. The button to copy and move is located on the home tab. The home tab is on the screen where you have to copy the file and folder.

You Can also move the file with the help of the mouse button. Open the two file explorer side by side and with the mouse arrow drag it from one file explore to another file explorer. And then if you delete the original than delete it. On a old operating system you have to move or copy process is going one by one file, but in window8 you can multiply copy or move you can do at a same time. If the list is not present on the file explore then at the bottom there is the option to choose a location. You can click it and find the location where you want to move or copy it.

File and Folder Options

The file explorer gives a many access to many file and folder at the same time. If your profit files you do not want to display on the screen. Then you can hide that folder. The hidden files and folder cannot show on the screen. This option you can find on the view tab in a wide group. If you want to see the hidden files you have gone to the same option and unhide the folder.

Contextual Tabs

The great thing about a file explorer is it to have many types of tools and items. If you find a textual which you saved in your computer. Open the file explorer click to the library tools and put the name in the search option and search.

When you have select a picture library you will get a simple picture tool

In file explorer there have many useful tools .Some of the options include like network drive and maps. Which is very important to search any place. The process of adding a new location on the computer .Open the control panel go to favorite  and  then manage, where you can add a new network.

If you want to clean up and format the computer  select the option navigation pane and then select a local disk C. And there you got the option clean up and format. Choose it what you want to do.

If you want to burn, format and erase a disk go to the DVD option

In windows file explorer you got a many feature like you can move files from one folder to another folder, same like to copy and many other features in file explorer. In the precision version of the file explore there is no so many features , but now it’s become advanced. File explore is supported in all the window device like computer , mobile, tablet and laptop.

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