Good Pros and Cons of Upgrading to Windows 8

Microsoft company now newest is launching a new operating system that knows as window 8. Window 8 is support to all computer, laptop, phone, tablet and every X box 360.window 8 is the operating system which you think in your mind about your personal computer.

Microsoft has recently launched a full version of window 8 in a market, or you can download from the Microsoft site. Those people who working with window 8, they got a mix feeling about a window 8 operating system. There have to option of window 8 i.e pros and cons. First decided what you want to choose window pros and window cons.

Pros and Cons of Upgrading to Windows 8Pros and Cons of Upgrading to Windows 8


  • In window 8 you have a grate privacy of you provide data that feature is known as Do Not Track
  • In Window tablet and mobile you got the navigation system. Window 8 offers a two option for desktop or laptop that are traditional and metro. So if the person using mobile its easily¬† can find out.
  • Window 8 very fast in performance as compared to other operating system. And it takes very less time at a time of booting. And it can easily switch from traditional desktop to metro desktop
  • All your data is connected or sync with the internet. When your photo or anything on skydive you can access by using a password and user name for any window phone or device
  • In window store you will get all the application free, and easy to install. Window store has lots of software for free and have everything back up. You have to download the application from the store window. And the application is very easy to install
  • If you are getting a new computer which have inbuilt window 7, and you want window 8. So it’s not a problem for you can upgrade your window 7 into the window 8 for only $14.99. Then your operating change from window7 to window8 in very cheap cost


  • In window 8 there is some confusion because of the start menu. In traditional desktop there is no any start menu. And the task bar is also updated. So you got some difficult to adjusting a traditional desktop into metro desktop.
  • Some of the features in window 8 is very good like touch screen abilities. It only can be used in mobile and tablet
  • In a mobile or tablet there is a feature of navigation in metro desktop. This feature cannot be used those are using operating window 8 on PC.
  • Metro desktop means you can use many applications on one desktop only. example ¬†internet explorer can be used in both the desktop like metro and the traditional version

If you want to come in new era of computer then go to the window 8. Window 8 trying its very best for making a consumer easy to use computer. Now the final version come on the market buy it and install on your computer and joint to the Microsoft company.