5 Gadgets Every Man Should Possess

Men have always been fascinated with gadgets. One common complaint that a woman has against the man in her life is that he spends more time with his cell phone, laptop, TV, stereo system or any other gadget than he does with her.Men are usually looking for cool electronic gadgets to buy. According to a recent survey, 85% of Indians own or use laptops and 86% use smartphones, so let’s look at 5 other gadgets that are equally cool and worth possessing.Gadgets Every Man Should Possess

GPS Device

Asking for directions is common when you are trying to find your way in a new city. Even after living in a city for years, we sometimes require directions when navigating unfamiliar roads. It has been proven scientifically that men hate asking for directions, so it is definitely worth investing in a GPS device. Though smart phones provide GPS services, it does not compare to having a dedicated GPS system in your car or bike. Text and voice-guided directions are standard features of GPS (Global Positioning System) Devices. There are GPS devices that offer turn-by-turn navigation and come with LCD screens that display graphical maps.

Universal Remote Control

Men love being in control and that’s probably why they often take charge of the TV remote control.And if you happen to own a flat screen TV, VCR, DVD, stereo system, cable TV box etc., there are multiple remote controls to deal with. Rather than fumbling with many remote controls you can use one remote to control up to 5 or more devices. Pick a universal remote control that is easy to use and comes with a decent price tag as well.

Bluetooth Speaker Phone

We often find ourselves caught up in traffic on busy roads, and there may be times when we have to make an important call or receive one. With a Bluetooth speaker phone you can talk hands-free while driving, and also listen to music. The gadget is paired with your phone, and most of them come with a voice recognition system that enables you to make or receive calls using voice commands. Most Bluetooth speaker phones come with background noise cancellation technology.

Electric Trimmer

For men who take their grooming seriously, an electric beard trimmer is very handy. Since this gadget is small in size, it is portable. Electric trimmers are easy to use and offer salon-like styling in minutes. You can find trimmers in a range of prices and features. There are waterproof trimmers that help you trim in the shower and those that come with a vacuum system that makes cleaning easy.

Power Bank

If you have found yourselves in a situation where your smartphone battery runs out of power just when you need it, then you know that a power bank is a very useful gadget. A solar power bank is a portable charging device that can recharge devices like smartphones and tablets using energy from sunlight. With the amount of travelling and the long mobile conversations that we have, a power bank can help recharge your phone or tablet when there is no electricity or charging station nearby.

Gadgets give men a sense of power and in some cases act as stress busters as well. The ones listed above are useful and worthy of finding a place in the must-have list for men.


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