3 Ways To Overcome Your Cellphone Addiction

With the rise of technology in this modern age more and more people are finding themselves depending on their phones throughout the day.  It can become like a twitch to look at your phone every few minutes with the anticipation of someone trying to contact you.

Overcome Your Cellphone Addiction

For some people, their addiction is so strong that if their cell phone is missing or dead they can’t carry on with their day until they are “reconnected” again.  This means they will stop at nothing to make sure that they have access to their phone and its services again.This form of technology addiction not only holds us back in personal relationships since we are too busy focusing on our phones to properly converse with our friends, but it also inhibits productivity at work and in our creative lives.  Try these tips to overcome your addiction and take control of your life.

Use An App

There are several apps which serve as a measuring device for how much you are on your phone throughout the day.  It can be a serious dose of reality to take a look at the numbers in front of you and realize that you are using your phone for an accumulated number of significant hours in a single 24 hour period.

Try an app which not only reports the data to you but will actually advise you to cut back your usage if you are starting to reach your limit.  Sometimes having a digital coach and something to hold you accountable is just the tool you need in order to start making changes.

Put Your Phone In a Drawer While You Work

One of the most common complaints that people have as to why they want to overcome their cell phone addiction is that it makes them less productive at the workplace.  When you are too busy looking at your phone to get work done then you will find yourself lacking in performance which will eventually be noticed by your superiors.

Try to put your phone completely out of your view when you are at work.  This means either sticking it in a drawer on mute or in another room altogether.  This out of sight out of mind technique is very effective when you commit to it.

Delete Social Networking Apps

Social networking apps are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to temptations on your phone.  People become so addicted to seeing how many likes they have and how many new friends requests that they have, they can’t seem to focus on their tasks at hand unless they have checked whats going on in their social networking world at least once every few minutes.

Deleting the temptation altogether is the best way to eliminate this addiction the fastest.


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