How To Become An eCommerce Optimization Expert?

Welcome back to Have you ever dreamed of becoming a conversion rate optimization expert but you are not sure if it’s a right fit for you? A proficient CRO expert needs to have many skills and talents: be a analyst with UX background, have a basic knowledge in programming and a graphical approach. But also possess the knowledge on marketing and psychology. Read on to find out what competences conjoins a CRO expert in their everyday job.eCommerce optimization

Deep Google Analytics knowledge

First of all, to become a conversion rate optimization expert you need to be a skilled analyst with profound Google Analytics knowledge. GA will allow you to  evaluate the most important products, the type of traffic, sites that gather the most, as well as lose the most traffic. GA analysis is one of the first steps on evaluating how well your ecommerce website is performing.

Basic UX and UI abilities

The knowledge on user behaviour is essential in ecommerce optimization. One of the features of CRO expert is to make customers’ life easier: simplify and shorten their path to purchase. Make navigation of ecommerce website easy, effortless, intuitive. It’s just another type of analysis that you would have to make as a CRO specialist: study user behaviour. There are many tools that could facilitate it for you: user surways, heatmaps, eye-tracking studies and many more. All this will allow you to build and test hypotheses.

Marketing and psychological skills

On the first sight it may now seem like a pair made in heaven, but trust me: it is. As a conversion rate expert in ecommerce you have to have a deep understanding of your clients’ needs and motivations and be able to stand in their position, and ask: is it the best and easiest way in which my customer could buy what they want? Only then would you be able to effectively implement new changes on your ecommerce website.

Human behavioral psychology is one of your friends here: what encourages my customer to buy? Take for example product page: would the bar “Only 3 pieces left” be a good choice? According to psychology, the more limited supply, the more we are willing to buy. Or a bar “154 customers bought this item this month” – is nothing more than a proof of choice. People want to make a good choice, if 154 customers made this choice, it means that it’s good.

The psychology of colour also comes handy: how red colour, and how blue colour affects my customer to buy – would it encourage or deter them?

Paying attention to details

As a conversion rate expert you need to understand that thousands of details create a whole. Sometimes even a small change of colour, place, font can create a difference in conversion rate of even 10%. In ecommerce optimization it’s not only the big things, but also the small one matter.

Basic programming skills

Simply said, this knowledge will allow you to easily evaluate which changes require a lot of time to implement, and which could be done quickly. It would be very useful when planning a conversion rate optimization strategy.

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