How to Remote Control Ubuntu from an Android Tablet

remote control ubuntuWe have always known (the users of Windows and Mac) that it is very much possible to remotely access your Windows device or your Mac device using an IOS device remotely. The bad thing is that this process is not compatible with the Android device. But, if you have the Linux device or what we call as Ubuntu, this ‘remote desktop client” already comes as pre-installed and all one needs to do is turn it on and then you can remotely access the same from any of the other Linux devices. The process for starting the same is simple and is explained here under;

  • Click on the “desktop sharing app” on the Ubuntu and simply select the “allow others to see your desktop” along with the “allow other users to control your desktop”. It is recommended that one keeps a password for this feature so that you do not give unauthorized access to some hacker.

Now, when it comes to configure the remote access on your Android tablet, you are advised to follow the below mentioned process. Out of the various apps that are freely available on the internet for this process the one recommended for the purpose is called Wyse PocketCloud RDP/VNC. This app comes as free, and is pretty fast and user friendly.

  • Simply search for the app (mentioned above) and download the same in your device.
  • After running the app, click on the “add connection” link which can be found on the top right corner of the app window.
  • Kindly chose the manual connection option and then the “VNC” option.
  • When you reach the configuration tab, please select the “window” option and do not worry this will even work well with Mac. After providing the connection with a name, you would be asked to feed in the IP address of the host device. This is where you need to put in the IP address of the Ubuntu device.
  • Once all the things are done, the devices are ready for some remote desktop access. Simply choose the connect button and if all the processes have been followed, then the remote access will start without any hiccup.

This Wyse app also comes with a separate mouse icon and a keyboard icon so that one can either do the right click and the left click process of the mouse or simply type, as they would have done on the key board found on the device. If you want to exit the session, then the app will ask you whether you want to end this remote access session. Simply exit the session and the remote access ends.


Author Bio: Raj is techie blogger, who writes about the latest technology news at Techiestate and androidarea.

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