Best Android Browser 2016

Best android browser 2016РInternet is the best thing to connect to the whole world. To use internet we need to have a browser app on our android device. A number of browsers for android are available in Google Play Store. Some of them are Google Chrome, Opera Mini, UC browser, Mozilla Firefox etc. All these web browsers for android are fastest and works well with all android versions like android Jelly  Bean, lollipop, KitKat, marshmallow, and the latest Google Android android browserYou many have a question in mind, why you need the best, fastest and secure android browser on your mobile or tablet? Because these days people use web browsers not only to read articles but also to send money from their mobile, to buy movie tickets, cloths, ornaments. And for all these purposes people use their Credit Card, Internet banking etc. Only a good and secure web browser can protect this type of information from hackers and malware.

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Hundreds of android browsers are there in Google Play Store. Only a few of them are good. Don’t worry, here we are sharing the best android browser 2016. Good android browsers always come with some features like password manager, document viewer, download manager, resource usage and many more.

Now it’s time to reveal the best web browsers for android. I am sure, these browsers will make your surfing experience better and smoother.

Google Chrome | Best Android Browser

Google Chrome is the number one in the best android browser 2016 list. This is the default and most used web browser all around the world. Google Chrome comes with some interesting features like voice search, bookmark syncing, tab syncing, incognito mode browsing, translate, bandwidth control and many more. Apart from that the
browser also has a built in flash player. The app is developed by Google and comes as a pre-installed app with most of the android devices.

UC Browser | Fastest Android Browser

Another popular browser among android users. UC browser is very popular among users who often downloading
movies, MP3s, games etc. This browser has the best download manager with fastest downloading speed and resume
support option. It also allow its users to download multiple files without slowing down the internet speed. Other features included custom themes, addons, Ad blocker, night mode, tab management, Facebook notifications and many more. UC browser is specially designed for mobile devices. Currently, it has around 400 million active users all around the world.

Mozilla Firefox | Best Browser For Android

Mozilla Firefox is the third best android browser in our list. It is very popular among developers since Mozilla is open source web browser. Firefox was the number one browser among android users before Google Chrome come into market. Firefox has some unique features like private browsing, easy Sync, wide variety of Add-ons, quick sharing, Chromecast support etc. Apart from that Firefox also provides features to block ads.

Opera Browser | Best Android Browser

Opera is one of the best browser since the era of java phones. Still it maintains the same popularity among current android users. Opera is so fast and consumes less battery and RAM. The browser has been updated frequently and become more attractive with each update. The key features of Opera browser are tab support, download manager, compress images and videos for faster loading, Pop-up blocker and many more.

Dolphin Browser | Best Browser For Android

Dolphin is one of the oldest browser and is popular among users for its cool gestures. When it comes to look, this browser is much similar to Google Chrome. Dolphin browser works superbly on all android devices. Like all other android browsers, Dolphin browser also has many features. Some of them are easy sync, addons, voice search, one tap share, etc. Apart from that, you can also customize this browser to get from it.

Maxthon | Best Android Browser

Maxthon is another fastest and smartest web browser for android. This android browser speed up your browsing experience even in a slower connection. Maxthon supports all the key features of other popular android browsers. Some of them are flash supported, Incognito Mode, easy Facebook sharing, fetch mode etc.

CM Browser | Best Browser For Android

CM browser is very light weight and works fine on all android mobile phones and tablets. If you are using a cheap android phone with low memory and RAM, this is the best browsing app for you. The size of the CM browser app is only 1.92 MB and occupies space of around 4-5 MB after installation. Some of the cool features of CM browser are text search, speed dial, font size adjustment, page translator etc.

Thee were the Best android browser | fastest android browser | best browser for android in 2016. You can easily download one of the above mentioned android browsers app from Google Play Store. All these browsers are free, easy to use and easy to install on your android device.

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