5 Best Drones For Sale In 2016

Drones that are specifically known as unmanned Ariel vehicles are tools which are used mainly in military forces and civil actions. Photography and film making is also going good with this technology. Another name for drone is an aircraft without a pilot. Yeah it is small and effective tool which can be easily handled without a man in it or through remote controls or by computer setup. So if you are interested in buying such stuff for your personal use or for something private mission things, get a drone in a perfect price without paying some extra charges by getting actual price list for drones 2016. Here you are with your good luck that you can find real stuff in real range. We will provide you 10 best reviewed drones with their best prices so that it will be easier for you to choose a better one. Explore your wish and get your perfect drone stuff.best selling drones

Firstly when you are going to buy something you will need to know about its all features that are going to be the most important thing to know in case of drones. Don’t rush for ordinary online websites which are offering bad stuff in high costs. Get to know each and every possible fact and feature about drone is your first need. Another main thing is to check online reviews for the drone you are going to buy. You will find checking the reviews will help you more than anything else when you want to buy a good one.

There are thousands of fake faces which are selling copy of original stuff. So make sure the drone which you want to buy is not a copy of an original one, but must be original itself. For this purpose, you need a patient mind and knowledge of different types of drones.

Let’s talk about 5 best drones for sale 2016 in the market.

Blade Nano QX: ($90)

Smaller but unique designed blade nano QX is more likely resembles to Latrax alias. As it is few inchs smaller than latrax model, so its yaw qualities and weave features are little less too. However it is better than the tiny proto X drone. As in Latrax, the mini drone has not ability to flip around, but you can catch this flipping by manual controlling by your blade nano manual features. It has two flight modes which are really good features to consider, i.e. stability mode, agility mode. The only thing which can be its negative feature is that it is a way too small to catch its view far from your eyesight. However in reasonable price it is a good deal.

DJI Inspire 1 and Inspire 1 pro: ($2900)

I think one article is not enough to write everything about DJI Inspire series. If you want to be a professional drone flyer, just simply buy a DJI Inspire series. It is designed elegantly for a professional use, and it is probably the most beautiful, state of the art and advanced model of quad copters. Moreover we can say that it is the advanced technology which is much bigger than phantom 3 professional in its features. Same like Phantom 3, Inspire 1 series also comes with 4k camera features. There is nothing which cannot handle by a DJI’s Inspire series when you talk about drone capabilities.

Yuneec Q500 4k: ($1300)

Yuneec is an unknown company as compared to DJI’s. However it is performing best role in this field of competing DJI’s best quad copters. Same as DJI Phantom series, it also provides 4k video shooting. Plus an extra feature of taking off camera from this quad copter so that you can also use camera as a handy cam. No popular videos or information is available about yuneec Q500 4k on internet. However it is not a bad deal to buy this model because it is not light from DJI’s series or solo series. Another highlighted feature of Yuneec Q500 4k is that it provides you a complete android system in it. You don’t need any kind of smart phone because it the controller system, there is fully equipped android system present which gives you a better quality of screen on the controller than an iPad.

3DR Solo: ($999)

3DR solo is an easy quad copter service which provides you a GoPro Hero 4 camera features, this means it is easy to use camera other than the drone system. The best functional feature in 3DR solo drone is that it is an upgradable version among all other drones. Last but not the least feature of this drone is that its accessories can be easily made by other companies, so it will not be difficult to change any accessory that is not functional anymore. In $999, solo is available excluding GoPro and gimbal services. But if you can afford and want a perfect quad copter, solo is available with every feature and service in $1900.

QAV400: ($970)

QAV400 is also available in ready to fly version, but in real it is basically a structure of a quad copter for an engineer so that they can add up anything/accessory according to their choice of making it more modern. When you want to but this quad copter in ready to fly version, normal prices will be $970. You can also customize this stuff by a particular company so that it is non repairable when gets a crash. But trust me it is the best option when you want a professional ready to fly drone in a reasonable price list.


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