Amazing Way To Make A Talking App Using NotePad

Make A Talking AppWith the technology we had these days, almost every impossible thing are now probable and everything could already be taken with just a very short period of time. One of the highest demanded things these days is Apps. These apps are software that could be used for smartphones, which are highly demanded, these days as well. Well, do you have any idea that you alone could easily make up a good app that you could use up for your very own food. That is a really good deal, isn’t it?

Well, Notepad, it is a kind of text editor that simply comes up bundled in Windows is a very good tool for the text editing. The only thing is that, that is not just the only thing in which the notepad is definitely famous. It is also a famous thing for the hacks and tricks that it could do. If you think you need some good roundup of some of the coolest and best tricks that you could try by using notepad, most especially a talking app using Notepad, there are just lots of ways for you to count on.

There could be a lot of times in which you just wanted something that could be interactive right from your computer. Well, for great fun, you could surely build up a good kind of app, which is totally easy. It could even save up your hard earned money, since there are some good applications for you to make a kind of Notepad application that totally makes a sound, or rather speaks. Basically, this kind of application simply works up on the ‘visual basic code’. Here’s the tip that you could consider:

4 Simple Steps to Make a Talking App Using NotePad

1. The first line should be the title of your application. If you would be using up this kind of code, then take the title has to be “Speak”. The word about Dim Message would tell that following the title is the comma ( ‘ ). There is actually no need to use any kind of mark to tell the ending of your title.

2. The second line is that, it will show out the texts appearing into your application. The text that is right beside “Ok” and “Cancel” button. You could easily edit the text and could simply add up anything that you really want. The only thing is that, you must be certain that you have added the text in a line only. Keep in mind that there should be no second line in the notepad.

3. The third line is about creating the buttons for both Cancel and Ok and the support for the ENTER button. You could even add up to just speak by pressing out the enter key. This is simply the most essential line and if you miss it, then it would not work.

4. The fourth line is to make the text to be able to “speak”. Whenever you use start pressing “enter”, the line will then convert the text in an audible form. In this line, type the message you want.

Taking this into your Notepad could be a good deal for you to follow those tips mentioned above.

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